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Me and the lads caught some IPL ACTION between the Chennai Super Kings and the Delhi Daredarevills. The atmosphere at the bullring lived up to its expectation as usual and it was great to see players like Hayden, Dhoni, Ghambir, AB Devilliers, Muralee and the likes. And it was also sublime to be part of the IPL atmosphere in JHB. Overall the Bullring needs no explanation

Great atmosphere at the Bullring

Myself,Mohamed Kaloo, Joe Asmal, Shazo and Ebie Ahmed made up the crew

Swoosh0018 catches up with the crowd at the BULLRING on their thoughts of the IPL


My entry for Swoosh is a bit delayed this week as I had to take some time off to recover from my trip to OT for the clash against the Gooners. I drove up to OT with one Durban fulla and ex-Bafana-Bafana med Dr Zaid Eshak (who I’ve urged to write a book, his stories about travelling with Bafana Bafana in Africa are great). We were hoping to get to OT at least 2-3 hours before the game to join the hardcore okes at the Bishops Blaize so we left London at 1PM but didn’t account for the Gooner faithful driving up.

The usual 3 hour drive to Manchester turned in to 6 hour ordeal and we managed to get into the stadium just as the game kicked off (the trip back even worse, we go into London at 4AM). The atmosphere at OT was electrifying and from the first minute United had the Gooners on the back foot. I can’t believe we only finished the game one-up but Giggsy was unlucky to have to has legitimate goal ruled offside – so much for all the decisions going United’s way at OT !!!

The REDS put on a good display with the exception of Ronaldo. Everyone sitting around me in our section was furious at the way he was behaving. He almost redeemed himself with that shot that rattled the crossbar but overall his effort and attitude on the pitch at the Arsenal game leaves much to be desired. I think the comment from the Irishman behind me when Berbatov was subbed on summed up the performances of these two footballers of late “Great, now we’re down to fooken 9 men!”. Either way, United are 1 up at half time and if we can keep a clean sheet at the Emirates, we’ll have the opportunity to make history once again by becoming the first team to successfully defend their European title in the Champions League since the inception of the modern format. European fixtures always seem better than Prem or FA Cup fixtures.

The crowd is louder and many players have said they feel the need to play harder. I can’t imagine what the atmosphere at Anfield must be like coz the Stretford End was pumped up on Wednesday. Most players have said the loudest European games are those at Anfield (with the exception of the CFC players !!!). The only problem with going to fixtures at Anfield are the loads of fake tickets floating around ... I find it hard to understand why supporters would rip off fellow supporters? Tickets for United-Arsenal match were fetching top dollar with one South African guy being quoted £300.00 per ticket. In the other CL semi-fnale, CFC also achieved something great in their fixture against the Catalans. They were the first team to keep a clean sheet against Barca at the Camp Nou this season. All they really did at the Camp Nou was “park the bus” . Not very attractive or sporting, but you have to give them their due, the return leg next week should be an interesting one. The annoying thing is that Andy Townsend and his fellow English pundits all hailed Chelsea’s discipline and “brilliant” defending and kept on going on about what a great performance they delivered against the mighty Barca, but when a European team does the same against United or Arsenal, then the same lot brand that team as playing anti-football and parking the bus. Typical English media !!!
Also, the CFC FA Cup tickets went on sale today and were sold out in less than 30 minutes. CFC and Everton were both allocated 25 000 seats a piece at Wembley with the remaining 40 000 seats going to corporate. Makes you wonder ... Lastly, mention must be made about Ryan Giggs being the PFA Players' Player of the Year. Much has been said on this blog as to whether he deserved it or not. Putting my support for United and Giggs aside, I really believe that if the Prem league footballers feel he deserved the award then there really can’t be a solid argument as to why he didn’t.

Shoobs'z visit to Old Trafford for the UEFA Champions League Semi Final between Manchester United and Arsenal

On Friday I stopped over at the Confeds Cup ticketing Offices to collect my tickets.
Its opposite Village Walk. Quite nice hey. People were still applying for Tickets while I was there. So collect your tickets people
"FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 Tickets will not be distributed by post. Tickets may only be collected in South Africa. If you paid by payment card, the payment card will be utilised as the collection mechanism. If you applied via the Official Ticket Application Form, and paid by Bank / Wire transfer or cash, your unique reference number and barcode contained within your Official Ticket Purchase Card retained from your Ticket Application Form together with proof of identity will be utilised as the collection mechanism. If you applied via the Call Centre and paid by cash the unique reference number provided within the SMS message will be utilised as the collection mechanism. For those individuals who have selected a Category 4 ticket product, it is mandatory to bring proof of residency (e.g. telephone account or water/electricity utility account) at the time of collection.
Tickets can be collected from official FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 Ticket Terminals from 1st May 2009. Ticket terminals can be found at Venue Ticketing Centres located in each host city and the main international airport in Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo International Airport), collections at the airport will only be possible in June 2009. The one closest to us is opposite Village Walk in Sandton."
Thanks Seth for the info
TIME: 8.30


  1. Shame. swooshesh, you just don't know which way to turn, do you? You back the same team that put an end to liverdrols title hopes. It must be difficult being trophyless for THREE seasons.

  2. notice how shoobs had to compare the atmosphere at OLD TOILET with the well renowned and euphoric atmosphere at ANFIELD....

    ANFIELD rocks .. so do liverpool fans...

    cant say the same for OT and the manure fans... they just shit..

  3. cmon arsenal.....

  4. Pity anfield has less trophies to go with that boring song of theirs. Don't worry, this year, they will be handing out trophies for best atmosphere in a stadium, most entertaining game of the season(but still draw or lose at the same time) and most worried fans(liverdrols) coz they more worried abt Manc's performance than their draws and entertaining games. You don't win trophies for most entertaining games you stupid supporters of liverdrols, try and understand that, and if you still don't understand then just understand that you are trophyless for 3 seasons.

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    He looks just like a transvestite
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    He wears a frock, he loves the c0ck
    He sells his bum on the Albert dock
    Fernando Torres, Carragher's bit on the side

  6. Hey lads recall Graham Le Saux?

    was he not putting from the rough as well?

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  7. Macheda better then Torres,

    coz he aint a faggot!

  8. is park better then lucas?


    "go" put on your blue suede shoes

  10. actually anfield has more trophies that old toilet.....

    go check u stats....boet

  11. whats that end of old trafford called the

    STRAP ON END... sis u bunch of freaks...


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