Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OK.So we in to Round two and Super 8' s beckon. Thank you to Wits Underwear and my father for sponsoring a trophy to the winner and by the looks of things IPL Winner Anees Mayet is top again. Wel see what else the Timer wants to throw in.Jockeys,Pyjamas ,Wonderbra he he. This time we got a geavy shooting draw and here are the top 10.

1. Anees Mayet ANZO'S STARS 1373
2. Irshad Latiff FC Toby 1339
3. Yusuf Seth Hash should be here! 1311

4 .Mohsin Seth Mocca's Mastee Maker 1267

5 ziyaad mayet The gilly 1266
6 Yusuf Alli The Drunken Masters 1242
7 Jameel Nagdee Matla Bee 1240
8 Moe Khota new kid on the blog 1178
9 Ayesha Nagdee Ice's Okes 1169
10 zaheer Mayet Choker 1156


Rules are the same again. We looking for a sponsor. Anybody interested Please email

League name: BEST OF THE BEST

League code: 7008208545037

Who will win the Confeds Cup

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