Thursday, June 04, 2009


It was a belter of a flu but Im back. The Pro 20 Cricket World Cup starts tommorow and just a reminder to all fantasy challengers to join now.

League name: BEST OF THE BEST
League code: 20318143214096
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So how will South Africa fair in this years World Cup. Well many opposition brand us as chokers. Firstly here are the groups and schedules.

Group A
India , Bangladesh ,Ireland

Group B
Pakistan, England, Netherlands

Group C
Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies

Group D
New Zealand, South Africa ,Scotland

Group E
A1, B2, C1, D2
Group F
B1, A2, C2, D1

Placement for the Super Eight stage is determined as follows:The first two teams in each group are placed 1 or 2. They will retain this position for the Super Eight stage, irrespective of whether they finish first or second in their group, unless they are knocked out by the team 3 in their group. In this instance, team 3 replaces the position of the team they knock out.

The teams finishing first and second in groups E and F, based on points obtained in the Super Eight stage will compete in the semi-finals.

I think South Africa has a pretty decent squad this time. Majority of the players have been in form during the IPL and the TOP ORDER of Smith,Gibbs,Kallis,Duminy and De Villiers look solid. Botha has proved the critics wrong and Van De Merwe has the capability to swing a game. I reckon South Africa will go far this tourney. But then again its PRO 20 Cricket and anythhing can happen.
Two warm up games and still no Yusuf Abdullah. Will the Heater play or will it be another Bodi Saga like 2007. Whats the blogs views on the squad, SA's Chances and the favurites of the competition?

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  1. I think they got a strong squad.....will do well .. go far.......

    i do however feel they are racist still and very clicky...... if u in with right okes you through....boucher,kallis and smith.....if not cheers for u......u dont have a chance...

    thats wrong.


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