Sunday, June 07, 2009


Ay what a terrible day today, Weather ,blue Monday. Anyway the PRO 20 World Cup has kicked off, I have shrugged off the flu and Im back in action,looking forward to the Confeds Cup. The Italians arrived today and well Sunday the action begins

As far as the PRO 20 World Cup goes Holland produced a shock upset on Friday when they beat hosts England. But the under pressure England had KP to thank as they thumped a lacklustre Pakistan. What is it about the PAKIS. Everybody expected fireworks.Will they beat Holland and qualify. Dont be surprised the Pakis get dumped out again.

The Ozzies also lost and again it was a one man GALE force wind that hit them. Thats the thing with the PRO 20.One owe performs and you can find yourself in the gutters. Gayle punished Brett Lee for 27 in one over.

The South Africans qualified by thumping Scotland. No surprise there. They looking good.Especially AB De Villiers. The lad has carried his form from the IPL. SA looked balanced. Its round 2 today and once we hit the Super 8's.Things will start to heat up...........

Pete Samprass hails Federer as the Best, Finally Roger Federer captured the one title that has eluded him all this time. The red dust and the French Open at Roland Garros. Agassi who also achieved the same feat in 99 was there to congratulate Federer. The thing with clay is that you need stamina,guile and strategy. You have to out think and out hit your opponent at times. Muster was the King of Clay and so was Nadal. But credit to Federer,He kept composure and althouh ruffled by a fan whizzing past him ,he took the second set tie break and never looked back. A gentleman on and off the court. Mercy Roger!

In F1 many owes are saying they just not interested anymore. What is happening to the sport. For the record, A Brit and Jenson Button won again.

In SUPER TUESDAY TOMOROW WE BEGIN THE CONFEDS CUP COVERAGE. I will probably take all the punishment because of the Azurri but If you Give, You must Collect and this year I gave.


  1. Ay. swoosh what you talking, Thomas Muster was not king of clay, Ivan Lendl was. Don't you remember his first ever grand slam title coming back from 2 sets down to beat Mcenroe in the final of the French Open? Now that was a king of clay. Although he never won winmbledon, overall Lendl achieved much more than most on the ATP tour.

  2. dO YOU rememebr when Chang beat Lendl to win his first French. and the underarm serve that broke Lendl.What a moment

  3. Miroslav MecerMonday, 08 June, 2009

    rod laver is the real king 2 grand slams and winning all 4 in the same year on both occasions, that class! agassi and federer took years to win all 4 . he did it in one year!

    rod laver should be knighted!

  4. Stefan Edberg was elegant,graceful and a great serve and volleyer.Hey Marty.Remember the Edberg Adidas range at leslies sports in the plaza

  5. Boris 'zee german' BeckerMonday, 08 June, 2009

    I was the best. All ur dada's
    And once i went black. I never went back.

    Hey Marty, U remember Yanick Noah, Mansour Bahrahmi, Pat Cash, Ilie Nastase and the enigma John Mcenroe

  6. Yeah, those were the good old days. Tennis was fun and we used to even play on the streets and mark the streets as a tennis court. Lendl dominated but also had his bad moments like the Chang game. But he has just an incredible record. He even won the diamond studded racket twice, now to win that racket once you have to win the tournament three times, amazing. These days the game is all abt power. If you have no power you will not make it, ask the guys lower in rank.

    Marty remember, Lars Wahlgren?


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