Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Firstly We would like to Thank our Sponsors Tripple Z Tool Supplies for sponsoring the Competition. Tripple Z Tool supplies belongs to Zee Mayet and Family. The winner of this competition will recieve a trophy from our sponsor and a Tool Kit.

Tripple Z tool supply is situated at

Unit C1, Village Main, Industrial Park, 51 Rosettinville Road, Village Main

Tel :011 334 8333

So far after round 1,Ebie Kop End is in the lead, and yes in second place believe it or not is a man who is taking this comp seriously and he wants the gold. He has been strategising all weekend. Yes its my toppie. The Timer wants the Cup. And in third is the Timers Bro from Cape.The Mayets are going for Gold. It will be an interesting contest with the Seths he he.

1. Ebrahim Ahmed KOP END BOYZ 210
2. mohamed raffique mayet 203
3.ZAHIER MAYET Zee Zoo 196
4.Ebrahim Jina 202020 193
5, Muhammad Shahid Osmany 192
6.Yusuf Alli The Drunken Masters 189
7. mohammed faeez mayet fuzzys XI 182
8. Yusuf Seth Where is Ronaldino? 181
9. Maseeha Mayet Masu's All Stars 174
10. ziyaad mayet de a Zuly 170

AFTER tonight the 17th of June,The members of the league will be spreadsheeted. Anyone that joins after the Cut off date will not be edlligible to win the Prize

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