Sunday, July 19, 2009


First of all Swoosh0018 would like to wish former President Nelson Mandela a happy 91st (Sorry guys,rough weekend) birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA. You are truly a great man. How could we forget when Nelson donned the no 6 jersey of Pienaar....and stood with Francois Pienar and lofted the Web Ellis Trophy in a packed Ellis Park.I was chatting to a Lions Fan a few weeks ago and told him that, that rugby moment unified a country. From there Madiba has me many famous sportsman and celebrities or should I say they have met him. What a man.You did wonders for SA Nelson.Hope you enjoyed your birthday

In the Vodacom Challenge Orlando pirates beat Man City 2-0. Maybe it was the new Pirates kit. Maybe City were adjusting to Polokwane but Pirates were much quicker to the ball and City were surprised at Pirates pace. Now its Kaiser Chiefs for Man City and after securing the signing of Adebejour,City will look to redeem themselves.

In other friendlies Michael Owen scored for the MANCS. As I mentioned if Owen bags them 15 goals plus,Its job done. But who would have ever thought that we will live to the day we seen Michael Owen wearing this

Liverpool on the other hand lost to Rapid Viena in Austria.Kop lads,Your thoughts....?

In the Tour de France Lance Armstrongs second behind Alberto Contador. I need to get back into my cycling days. My Alpina, proper racing bike from back in the day, is rusting at home lol. Azee and Seth I still even have my Greg Lemond Team Z Jacket. But the tour has been amazing. The toughest endurance sport ever. I met a few cyclists lately especially local owes that have been doing the Argus etc. They say that to compete in the tour you have to be juicing or on some sort of substance. Is this true?

In the Ashes Clark and Haddin are holding out at LORDS. We up for a cracker of a final day


  1. dude, madiba turned 91!

  2. England have won at Lords!

    the ashes are coming home!

    we singing for england!

  3. All you liverpricks are naar coz Owen is playing for the mancs i hope he scores against you guys and shows you's where his heart lies and that is with the Red devils and not fools who dont win silverware rather they only worry for the whole season is beating the us Mancs....

    Now suck on that


    Michael Owen

  5. Ja, they play for liverdrols and see it's not worth it coz they win nothing at liverasses and then they try and cross the border to join the best team MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

    QUESTION: Which scouzer is a clever scouzer?

    ANSWER: Those that realize that if they can't win anything with scouzers they might as well join them!!!!!

  6. Dude with the question.... reading your question makes one realise that you are not a clever anything....shame....

  7. Yebo..u are errr Stuped!!!!

  8. Dude!!!! you sound as stupid as Swoosh
    Swoosh!!!! you dont refer to Madiba as president anymore
    His term is over
    It ended in 1999
    Wake up
    You were too in love those days

  9. So what if the dude posted it wrong, message is, if a scouzer wants to win trophies, he will have to join Mancs and not stay at liverpool.


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