Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Guys that have visited Anfield and watched Xabi Alonso play have deemed him as extraordinary. His Vision and passing ....second to none. Whats more is that he and Macherano form the engine of the Liverpool midfield. You cannot even think what will happen to Liverpool if these two leave.And sadly they are both linked with moves away to Spain.Can you imagine that Macherano and Alonso gone. I met Goolaiks Surtee yesterday.Okes hardcore Liverpool. He was looking sad. First thinh he asked me "Is Alonso Gone".Question is Will he Leave or will they leave and lads from the KOP...What will the effects be if these two midfield maestros have left Anfield. Worrying times ahead.
And knowing f#4ken Benitez he will rest his hopes on F#4ken LUCAS!


  1. In Rafa we trust.I am sure he has a contingency plan.Im also sure that both wont leave.Maybe one.I prefer Alonso's departure rather than Monster Mash


  2. Doesnt any team want to be Lucas. Lucas the #$%s

  3. Unthinkable.If these two go we are finished.We wont even qualify for Europe

  4. Instead of the players leaving why doesnt Rafa just leave.I think hes time is UP.Bring back Kenny Dalglish

  5. I think rafa made a kak deal with regards to Arbeloa. Why didnt he at least get one of the dutchmen on offer.

    He buys an englishman, and pays the premium.
    But he sells a spanish player to a spanish club for a song.

    If monster and alonso go, we might as well close up shop, cos gerard wont be able to roam.

    in rafa we trust???


  6. Well said Digger.
    If Alonso leaves then Rafa should swoop for Robben,Shneider or van der Waart. Theres Dutchman waiting to be off loaded

  7. BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!

    Liverpool sign chinese assistant coach for the new season.


    "go" wa ha ha ha

  8. Benitez will never let both of them Leave.If Alonso leaves then Rafa will hold on to MASH.
    Both of them leaving.Thats a tragdy.Cant happen

  9. go you thing go!

    that was awesome go!
    go u beauty go!

  10. Luca was player of the year in Brazil a few years back! in rafa we trust!

  11. Is Rodrigo Possebon better the Alonso?

  12. If leave Alonso leave the REDS will hopefully replace him with Aquilani - good deal with some cash available to look for another striker!

  13. Even with masch and alonso liverflops still lose, so it makes no difference whether they are their or not. Problem is batting for the wrong side. liverflops are the wrong side, nobody wants to buy the club and nobody wants to stay with club. As soon as gerrard wants to leave the fans threaten him and his family. Can't run a club like that.

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