Tuesday, September 01, 2009


1. PUNK naeem vallee 81 248
Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth 68 230
Issey FC ismail moosa 61 229
1 nil to the Arsenal Mohsin Seth 51 228
5. Anzo's Stars ANEES MAYET 61 227
Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani 53 225
Real Champions Riyad Loonat 68 223
The Champion Seth Junaid Seth 69 222
Kop End FC Ebrahim Ahmed 57 222
Pops f.c. Riaz Ismail 60 217
The RCS Best of the Best Fantasy is now closed. As its Ramadaan we will extend payment deadline to Sunday of this coming weekend.If no entrance fee is recieved Teams will be booted and the league commences.The following teams have till Sunday and then they will be removed.So if you are on the list please make payment by Sunday.The account details are on http://www.swoosh0018.blogspot.com/
contact number 082 581 0735
The list of outstanding payments is as follows:
Wiseguys_ RP
aadil's superstars aadil lambat
uzu's XI uzair lambat
REDS Zeyad Patel
Istanpool Ziyaad Hassam
Shibobo FC Rashaad Chopdat
Greenballers Isaac Moche
The Kings11 Yusuf Maiter
**FeRgiEs BoYs ***32* Yusuf Saloojee
ishaq's bangers ishaq ismail
KiNaS_HaMaDa Mohammed Abdallah

Thank you for your co-operation.Let the games begin

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