Thursday, September 17, 2009


As we had into the last three days of Ramadaan the first round of Champions League fixtures were underway.

A good win for Liverpool. 1-0 against a Hungarian outfit that starts with a D ..cant even remember the name. Wasnt convincing but three points to start is always good.

Kuyt the hard working slave and Liverpools star in Europe got on the score sheet after a Torres shot was rebounded.Now its off to a tough fixture with the unpredicatable Viola.

And please Aquilani get fit so we dont have to see Lucas..........He just doesnt make you feel at ease as a Liverpool fan. Jhonson again was sublime and so was Mr Liverpool Charagher.

Arsenal came back down from 2-0 to win 3-2 in Belgium.Great result for the Gunners....But life is not supposed to be hard in their group.They lucky if you asked me to survive the scare.

And for the Big One Inter vs Barcelona or Eto vs Ibrahimovic. The latter being really wasteful.Barca missed sitters with Keita and Messi spurning glorious chances.

And when Stankovics hand ball was disallowed..Pep was furious on the touchline,0-0 it finished,
And after Matchday 1 its difficult to pick a winner, This seasons gonna be fantastic

On Tuesday I was disappointed when Juventus conceded so late at home to Bordaux. Juve deserved a draw.Fabio Cannavaro though had a cracker before he was substituted through injury.He left the pitch with a standing Ovation from the Juve Fans and it was great to see El Kapitano winning back the hearts of the fans with a colossal display. Iaquinta opened the scoring for Juve and they put pressure on themselves.With two games against Bayern and away to Bordeaux.....We cannot be complacent. But thats Europe.We dealt with Madrid last year and bring on Bayern.We have Fabio Grosso for the Germans

As for the Mancs...Old War Dog Paul Scholes pounced to give Man Utd the lead and victory in Turkey. Its always tough to win in Turkey.Very hostile place,
Perhaps the biggest talking point was the toppie Sir Alex substituting Wayne Rooney and Rooneys reaction. Manc Fans What do you have to say about that?
Will we see another boot fly.I felt that the toppie was wrong to take out his best player.He should have substituted Nani or someone.Rooney gives his all and ag i dunno.Redman.Your thoughts. Nevertherless a good win for the MANCS in an easy group.

Chelsea also won and how was Bilal Anelkas goal.In Ramadaan he scores a belter.On the same token Pipo Inzaghi planted two and Milan must thank Pipo in Europe.It got them three points.

ABR What do you say about Penaltinho.The lity was on form in a Madrid team that scores 10 and concedes 9....thats the way they play.I see you having a swipe at me cos he was my Captain in Fanatsy. What a feeling to pick him and his not a MANC. As long as Penaltinhos not a MANC I will pick him.

Killa your Bayern won 3-0 against Macabi.With Juves draw, the Bayern Clash is Big. Are you still shaking in your boots for Grosso.....................

Been There Done That.
I met Chiefs and Bafana Bafana Goalkeeper Nkune at RCS Sports.Top oke.Chatted to him about the Confeds Cup and being in the stix for his country. Great character.

With Adebajors gesture to the Man City Fans not going down well,heres a clip where the fans strike back. Against Sienna Italy hard man Danniele De Rossi broke down and cried after fans made fun of his father in law who was apparantly killed in a Mafia Hit.........


  1. Swoosh your matlabi, why you banned kokni, when kokni was trying to make peace and not commenting about the memons n surtee story? Something wrong with you. Anyway, how can u not choose penatino when he was the best player for the past two seasons?

    Let's explain it to you swoosh, the aim of this fantasy league is to WIN, NOT LOSE, okay, now you have to pick players that are the best and penaltino is one of them and their are many Mancs that are in the mis also u can choose, but u never chose a Manc in your team and the Mancs are the best wahawhahwhawhahwha. You dnt understand, pick winners not losers like liverflops.

    As long as u dnt choose a Manc u will lose swoosh wahwhawhahwha.

  2. Swoosh for MUGG OF THE WEEK coz he likes losers!!!!!!!

  3. Ja Swoosh why you banned Kokni and Surtee we were just speaking our hearts and what we believe in

    Swoosh roza boh lage loh

  4. No matter how big a player is you cannot disrespect your manager.Its outbursts like that that can cost England the World Cup as it did in 2006.
    Roooney is a MUGG

  5. Ibrahimovic was terrible

  6. abr let me moer you.

  7. abr u druk i thought we wont have to hear from you again. messi is no where near ronaldo!
    abr che me the fair go?


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