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FIFA has embarked on a new marketing sponsorship programme. The sponsorship programme runs from 2007 to 2014 and includes both the 2010 & 2014 FIFA World Cups. All marketing partners are classified into 3 categories as follows:
A FIFA Partner enjoys the highest level of association with FIFA. Partners enjoy a broader range of FIFA activities such as competitions, special events and development programmes as well as marketing rights. The FIFA partners for the 2010 World Cup are:
As an official partner for FIFA Adidas has had a long history with FIFA and the game of football. Adidas has been the designer and developer of the official FIFA World Cup Ball since 1970 and are once again the designer for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball. Adidas also provides many nations and players kits and boots as well. All FIFA officials, referees, ball boys and volunteers will be wearing Adidas products.
Coca Cola is one of the longest standing FIFA partners and currently has a contract with FIFA until 2022. Coca Cola’s sponsorship of cash and services to FIFA includes currently the FIFA World Cup Ranking for Men, Promotional Products, FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, Coca cola Flag Bearers and Referee Escorts.
Emirates was the first official airline to sponsor the FIFA World Cup. Emirates has been chosen as an official FIFA Partner from 2007 and their contract will run till after the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Emirates is involved as a partner with the ticketing and hospitality facilities provides at FIFA events. Emirates also has branding on all World Cup publicity material.
Hyundai-Kia Motors has been a partner with FIFA since 1999 and currently has contract till 2014. One of the major successes as a partner was Hyundai-Kia Motors successful Ground Transportation Provider Programme where it provided a large fleet of vehicles for use at the 2002 & 2006 FIFA World Cups and will do so for the 2010 World Cup as well.
Sony has agreed a deal with FIFA that will see them be an Official FIFA Partner till after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The contract with FIFA has a value of over US$300 Million. Sony’s main project with regards to being a FIFA Partner is the “Digital Life” Category which covers a broad variety of aspects whereby Sony will use it’s key sectors of electronics, movies, music and games to heighten awareness regarding FIFA and Sony.
VISA Credit Card Provider has also struck a deal to be an Official FIFA Partner from 2007 to 2014. Over and above being the preferred method of Payment for FIFA tickets and other FIFA categories, VISA has also undertaken the project of developing and promoting visually impaired football as they have a long standing involvement with Paralympic Sports.
A FIFA world Cup Sponsor’s rights are limited to the FIFA World Cup on a global basis and include category exclusivity, branding and selected marketing assets and media exposure. The 2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsors are:
Check out their web pages for details on promotions & competitions.
A National Supporter is a category which allows local companies to promote the 2010 FIFA World Cup and have rights to local marketing programmes and media coverage. The 2010 FIFA World Cup National supporters are:
Check out their web pages for promotions & competitions.
The big news in Africa is the Ghana with their victory over Sudan made it 4 wins out of 4 and are the first African team to have qualified for the World Cup. Ivory Coast who thumped Burkina Faso 5-0 have also made it 4 wins out of 4 and need just 1 more point from their remaining 2 games to qualify. Egypt and Algeria both won 1-0 leaving Egypt in 2nd 3 points behind Algeria. Nigeria continue to struggle after they were held to a 2-2 draw by Tunisia. Nigeria are in 2nd position 2 points behind Tunisia and are going to need help if they are to qualify for the World Cup. Cameroon won back to back victories over Gabon to move from bottom of Group 1 to the top 1 point ahead of Gabon.
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain played to a goalless draw in Bahrain and a 2-2 draw in Saudi. This means that Bahrain advance to face New Zealand in the final playoff in the Asia/Oceania section.
Denmark still lead Group 1 after they drew both their games while Sweden move up into 2nd & Christiano Ronaldo & Portugal move up to 3rd 5 behind the Danes & 2 behind the Swedes. Switzerland continue to lead Group 2 with Greece & Latvia chasing along with Israel who thumped Luxembourg 7-0. The Czech Republic hammered San Marino 7-0 but are still in 4th place 2 points behind a playoff position. Slovakia lead the Group by 5 points and are looking good for automatic qualification while Slovenia & Northern Ireland look to hold off the Czechs into the playoff place. Germany & Russia continue to dominate Group 4 and have eliminated all the other teams in their Group. Germany lead the Group 1 point ahead of the Russians. Spain ‘s 5-0 victory over Belgium & 3-0 victory over Estonia have given them qualification for the 2010 World Cup joining the Netherlands as Europe’s 2nd qualifiers. They have also maintained their 100% record. Bosnia & turkey are fighting for the playoff place. England absolutely crushed Croatia 5-1 to maintain their 100% record as well as join Spain & the Netherlands as Europe’s 3rd qualifier for the 2010 World Cup. Although Croatia were humbled by the English they are still in 2nd ahead of Ukraine. France continue to struggle as they drew both their games and are still in 2nd place behind Serbia. Italy won both their games 2-0 to strengthen their position on top of Group 8 and are looking good for automatic qualification. Ireland in 2nd are looking to hold off Bulgaria for a playoff position. Although the Netherlands had already qualified they maintained their 100% record throughout the 2010 qualifiers by beating Scotland in their final game. Norway’s 2-1 victory over Macedonia has pushed them above Scotland on goal difference putting them into the playoff position eliminating the Scots.
In the Clash of the Titans in South America Brazil beat Argentina 3-1 to become the first South American team to qualify. Paraguay with their two 1-0 home victories against Bolivia & Argentina and have joined Brazil as the 2nd team to qualify out of South America. Argentina’s 2 losses have put Maradona under major pressure as they have fallen to 5th place and are out of the automatic qualification spots. Argentina face Peru at home & Uruguay away in 2 now must win games to stand a chance for a playoff position let alone an automatic qualification spot. Ecuador face Uruguay at home and Chile away. Chile maintained their 3rd position and look likely to qualify while Ecuador have moved up into 4th. Uruguay, Columbia & Venezuela all still have a chance to qualify along with Argentina.
USA & Mexico both won both their qualifiers this week to move into 1st and 2nd place respectively. Both El Salvador & Trinidad & Tobago are out of contention in the CONCACAF zone meaning that the other 4 teams are fighting for the 3 automatic qualification places from their Confederation. The 4th place team will face South America’s 5th place team for a place at the FIFA World Cup.

Well its a big night.And Fabio Capellos England have all but qualified.Hammering Croatia 5-1 at Wembley.
The three lions must be happy.How refreshing to see England hammering opposition.What can I say Capello is class and he has pedigree.
The Yobs are coming to SA.And I must be honest it will be great to see England in South Africa and listining to the National Anthem.They have avenged defeat when under the hapless Mclaren last year.But a great moment for football
Despite many critics often saying that England are k#4k.Lets face it any event needs England.
The question I pose to the three Lions is that Can England win under Capello.Remember there are no penalties in qualifiers.
Big Boy Hesky was prefered as muscle and Defoe left out.But England finally look resolute with the players afraid of Capello.They have a unit. Gerrard,Rooney and Lampard are on form and great tactic by Capello to throw in Lennon.That was England.Using their wingers and Lennon is quality.Im sure Azee,The Guvee and Isy Moosa must have been blowing the flutes and swinging Sweet Chariots.I could hear it when I took a spin in Fordsees. Its a sound we havent heard in a long while.
Come On England.

Spain also qualified,Germany were resounding and that Klose just scores and scores.
The Portuguese at least won but unfortunately for them Sweden also were victors.
The French drew with ten men in Montenegro but also were gracious that Austria drew with Romania.The playoffs could feature some calibre teams.
The big one for Argentina and Maradona are 1-0 down against Paraguay can you believe


With Lippis men widely criticised against Georgia Italy stepped up tp put forth one of the best performances under Lippi.With 7 Juventus players on ther pitch it was teh ever reliable Grosso and Ijaquinta that sealed the win for Cannavaro and the lads. Buffon also pulled out a miraculous top corner save to deny the Bulgarians.Now its off to Ireland in Dublin where the Azurri need just a point to clinch their birth in SA .

Forza Azurri
To Dublin we march


  1. Lets face it any event needs England.LOL

    We need them for the sentimental value..Its always great seeing England and the hype and then watching them getting KO`d .. wahahahhaha.. nothing beats and England exit...the drama the tears...Lovely

    You know how it is when the commentators go on about great England performances...LOL always just to make it to the next round..never to win anything..

    I must admit...i got a feeling about the cubs for this WC.. this might just be the one where they finally prove they are Lions...lots going for them here in SA.. weather during the WC will suit them..they will also have lots of local pomey support....

    Cmon England

  2. What the f****'s wrong with the argies, they threading on thin ice now


    still think heskey is mediocre. thought crouch or defoe should have started

    "go" WIN THE CUP

  4. go you good thing go!

  5. maradona is a coaches arse! he dont know shit about coaching! gr8 player but mugg of a coach!

    we want all the big teams to qualify we want it to be superb WC. at least thew english are here!

  6. Bhaboo bhai from BethalThursday, 10 September, 2009

    Go England you good things
    Go get Kicked out of the WORLDCUP
    Go show the world how useless you are

  7. Bhaboo Bhai roza lago!

    Bethal ma haari poyrio che?

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