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Another weekend of weddings and I was out in Bronkhorspruit a place where my grandather grew up believe or not and it was another sectecular function. An hour away,meeting up with the boys from the Bronx, examining the Dhegs and geez, Need a fitness test these days to survive weddings in far places, the heat was intense.Anyways we finished the hall and all the goodygets at 10pm and then it was back to the cuzzies house for the aftermath before the trip back to Jozie. I got an sms from Mo Cassim saying 20 minutes to go 1-1 in Dublin. Now beside being an Azurri supporter I had lots riding on the game more so coz I got the Azurri tst tickets. Anyways I was in a jovial mood....telling the toppies and them that Its not Over and Im 20 minutes away from following my team in 2010.They said its in the bag. nest thing the mood goes sombre....teh family bid farewell to the bride,there are tears and I get a sms from Waseem koor and Mo saying 2-1 to the Irish with three minutes to go.F#4K I was in the Perishaans there. Agony. I mean What if we lost to Cyprus.It worreis you, you know.I walk to the car dejected and next thing Mo Cassim phones..I said let me get the story....He says 2-2 Gilardinho.We coming to SA. F#4k.What a feeling. I phoned Hoosain mayet immediately and voiced my excitement.
Went and celebrated in style in Jozie ,In Style and What a Night in all aspects.
Call it theft ,Call it Robbery in daylight. We qualified. As for the Irish they didnt shore it up and Italy who have been poor up front of late clinched it dramatic fashion. The Irish played Well and Buffon could do nothing from the Set pieces. But Forza Azurri

We will arrive in SA

As for the rest of the games,The Portuguese are nearly there in second place as they face the playoffs if they beat Malta.The French are in the same boat.But more on the rest from GALACTICO

First in Some Breaking news and devastating if it gets worse.For me Cannavaro is a true Chamoions and one of the greatest defenders of all time.Im sure this issue will be resolved quickly

Fabio Cannavaro Tests Positive For Doping Substance After Taking Medication

The player reportedly took medication as a reaction to a wasp sting...
Juventus defender and Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has tested positive during an anti-doping test, according to La Repubblica and Sky Sport 24.
It is believed that he tested positive after taking an anti-allergen in order to prevent an anaphylatic shock from a wasp sting - a potentially fatal reaction if left untreated.
Juventus advised the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) of the administration of the medicine,advising them that it was "only an anti-allergen".

However, there seems to have been a breakdown in communications between the Juventus medical staff and the CONI.
It has been suggested that paperwork was not provided to the authorities that informed them of this course of action, which has led to Cannavaro reportedly being tested and found positive for cortisone.
The defender is now being questioned by the CONI in Turin, having remained in Italy due to his suspension for the Azzurri's match with the Republic of Ireland this weekend.
While there should not be any lasting problems for the world champion, he will hope that the situation is resolved in time to allow his participation in Italy's final World Cup qualifier against Cyprus.
Anthony Wright,


With the final 2 games of Qualifiers commencing this weekend and next Wednesday below is a run down of what the situation for qualification for the World Cup in each of the Confederations and Groups is. The playoffs between confederations for the last 6 positions will take place in November.


In Africa only the Group winners of the 5 Groups qualify for the FIFA World Cup along with hosts South Africa. Qualifying for the 2010 AFCON in Angola is joint with the World Cup qualifiers. The top 3 nations in each Group qualify for the Nations Cup along with hosts Angola. As Africa’s qualifying nations is not in a playoff with another Confederation there final round of games will take place in November.

Group A
                          Played         Points         Result
Cameroon            4                  7
Gabon                  4                   6
Togo                     4                   5
Morocco               4                   3

On Saturday Gabon take on Morocco and Cameroon take on Togo. If Cameroon win and Gabon lose to Morocco Cameroon will have qualified for the World Cup.

Group B
                  Played               Points            Result
Tunisia          4                       8
Nigeria          4                       6
Mozambique 4                      4
Kenya            4                       3

In Group Nigeria take on Mozambique while Tunisia take on Kenya. It is expected that both Nigeria & Tunisia should win taking this Group to the final round of games in November.

Group C
                    Played                     Points               Result
Algeria            4                              10
Egypt              4                                 7
Zambia           4                                 4
Rwanda          4                                 1               Eliminated

Algeria face Rwanda and should win. However Egypt have a tough trip to Zambia and need nothing less than a victory to keep their hopes of qualification alive. Egypt will face Algeria in the final game in November.

Group D
                              Played                  Points         Result
Ghana                        4                       12             Qualified
Mali                            4                         5             Eliminated
Benin                          4                        4              Eliminated
Sudan                        4                          1             Eliminated

Ghana have already qualified from this Group leaving the other 3 nations to fight for the remaining 2 spots available for the Nations Cup.

Group E
                        Played                Points            Result
Ivory Coast          4                         12
Burkina Faso      4                           6
Guinea                 4                          3              Eliminated
Malawi                 4                          3               Eliminated

Ivory Coast host Guinea and should qualify for the 2010 World Cup as they need only 1 point from their remaining 2 games. Burkina Faso face Malawi but have a very slim chance of qualifying.


In Asia Australia, Japan, Korea Republic (South) and Korea DPR (North) have all qualified automatically for the World Cup. Bahrain beat Saudi Arabia to challenge New Zealand in a playoff for the last available spot. The 1st leg of the playoff will take place in Bahrain on Saturday. The Return leg in New Zealand will take place in November.


In South America the top 4 teams qualify automatically for the World Cup with the 5th place team having a playoff with the 4th place finisher from the CONCACAF zone.

Country                      Played                          Points                  Result
Brazil                             16                                  33                   Qualified
Paraguay                      16                                  30                   Qualified
Chile                              16                                  27
Ecuador                        16                                  23
Argentina                      16                                  22
Uruguay                         16                                  21
Venezuela                     16                                  21
Colombia                      16                                  20
Bolivia                           16                                  12              Eliminated
Peru                              16                                   10              Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Argentina vs Peru
Bolivia vs Brazil
Colombia vs Chile
Ecuador vs Uruguay
Venezuela vs Paraguay

Wednesday Fixtures
Paraguay vs Colombia
Peru vs Bolivia
Uruguay vs Argentina
Brazil vs Venezuela
Chile vs Ecuador

Both Brazil & Paraguay have already qualified. Bolivia & Peru have both been eliminated as they cannot qualify. Chile in 3rd place need to win 1 of their remaining 2 games either against Colombia away on Saturday or against Ecuador at home on Wednesday to qualify. Ecuador in 4th place need to win both their games to ensure qualification. Argentina need to win both their games to ensure atleast a playoff place and need Ecuador to slip up in one of their games or Chile to lose both their games to get automatic qualification. Argentina face Peru at home and have a tough trip to Uruguay in their final game. Lets hope Messi & Co can do it. Uruguay, Venezuela and Colombia need 2 of the 3 teams above them to lose both their games in order to have a chance of qualifying. However if Uruguay win both their games against Argentina & Ecuador they overtake both of them and qualify directly for the World Cup and hence have the best chance of the 3 teams that are currently out of the qualifying positions. Venezuela play Paraguay & Brazil, both of which have already qualified, which might work in their favour.


In North America the top 3 teams qualify automatically while the 4th placed finisher have a playoff against South America’s 5th place team.

Country              Played                     Points                Result
USA                      8                             16
Mexico                 8                              15
Honduras            8                               13
Costa Rica          8                               12
El Salvador         8                                 8
Trinidad              8                                 5                   Eliminated

With both Trinidad & Tobago having no chance of qualification the remaining 5 teams are battling it out for the 3 automatic and 1 playoff spot.

Saturday Fixtures
Mexico vs El Salvador
Costa Rica vs Trinidad & Tobago
Honduras vs USA

Wednesday Fixtures
El Salvador vs Honduras
Trinidad & Tobago vs Mexico
USA vs Costa Rica

USA currently top of the Group need to win only 1 of their 2 games to ensure automatic qualification. Mexico need 4 points from their 2 games against El Salvador & Trinidad &; Tobago to qualify. Honduras need to beat both USA and El Salvador to ensure that they qualify. Costa Rica also need to win both their games and hope 1 of the teams above them slip up to ensure automatic qualification. El Salvador have a tough task to qualify automatically and need to win both their games and hope atleast 2 teams above them lose both their games in order to achieve a playoff place.


In Europe the top team in each of the 9 Groups qualify automatically with the 8 best 2nd placed teams having a playoff against each other for the remaining 4 spots of the 13 available in Europe.

Group 1
                  Played                  Points                Result
Denmark     8                            18
Sweden      8                             15
Portugal     8                              13
Hungary     8                              13
Albania     9                                 7                 Eliminated
Malta          9                                1                 Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Denmark vs Sweden
Portugal vs Hungary

Wednesday Fixtures
Portugal vs Malta
Denmark vs Hungary
Sweden vs Albania

Denmark need to beat Sweden at home to ensure automatic qualification. Portugal need to beat both Hungary & Malta and hope that Sweden lose 1 game in order to stand a chance of reaching the playoffs. I hope that Portugal make it to the World Cup as a World Cup without Christiano Ronaldo & Portugal will be disappointing, considering the amount of support Portugal have locally in South Africa.

Group 2
                      Played                  Points                   Result
Switzerland         8                        17
Greece                8                        14
Latvia                  8                        14
Israel                   8                        12
Luxembourg      8                            5                    Eliminated
Moldova             8                            3                    Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Luxembourg vs Switzerland
Israel vs Moldova
Greece vs Latvia

Wednesday Fixtures
Latvia vs Moldova
Greece vs Luxembourg
Switzerland vs Israel

Switzerland need 4 points from their 2 games to qualify automatically and they should beat Luxembourg and get a result against Israel at home. Greece need to beat both Luxembourg and Latvia to stand a chance for the playoff and hope Switzerland fail to win in both their ties. Latvia are in the same situation as Greece while Israel need both Greece and Latvia to lose 1 game and draw against each other as well win both their games to stand a chance for the playoffs.

Group 3
                            Played                  Points                 Result
Slovakia                   8                         19
Slovenia                   8                         14
Northern Ireland      9                          14
Czech Republic      8                          12
Poland                     8                          11
San Marino             9                           0                  Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Slovakia vs Slovenia
Czech Republic vs Poland

Wednesday Fixtures
Czech Republic vs Northern Ireland
Poland vs Slovakia
San Marino vs Slovenia

Slovakia need just 2 points from their remaining 2 games to qualify automatically. Slovenia need to ensure they win both their games to stand a chance for a playoff. The Czech Republic need to win both their games and hope that Slovenia lose 1 game for them to stand a chance for the playoffs.

Group 4
                           Played            Points             Result
Germany                 8                   22
Russia                    8                    21
Finland                   8                    14            Eliminated
Wales                     8                      9             Eliminated
Liechtenstein        8                       2             Eliminated
Azerbaijan              8                      1            Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Finland vs Wales
Liechtenstein vs Azerbaijan
Russia vs Germany

Wednesday Fixtures
Liechtenstein vs Wales
Germany vs Finland
Azerbaijan vs Russia

Both Germany and Russia are guaranteed either 1st or 2nd in this Group. The key clash is Saturday’s fixture where Russia host Germany. Most probably the winner of this tie will qualify automatically.

Group 5
                           Played                Points                 Result
Spain                      8                         24                Qualified
Bosnia                    8                        16
Turkey                    8                         12
Belgium                  8                          7               Eliminated
Estonia                   8                          5               Eliminated
Armenia                 8                          4                Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Estonia vs Bosnia
Belgium vs Turkey
Armenia vs Spain

Wednesday Fixtures
Estonia vs Belgium
Turkey vs Armenia
Bosnia vs Spain

With Spain having already achieved automatic qualification in this Group they will only be playing to maintain their 100% record. Bosnia need to win just 1 off their 2 games to reach the playoff while Turkey need to win both their games and hope Bosnia lose both their matches.

Group 6
                  Played                    Points                Result
England         8                             24                Qualified
Croatia          9                             17
Ukraine         8                              15
Belarus         8                              10                Eliminated
Kazakhstan  8                               6                 Eliminated
Andorra        9                               0                  Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Belarus vs Kazakhstan
Ukraine vs England

Wednesday Fixtures
Kazakhstan vs Croatia
Andorra vs Ukraine
England vs Belarus

Like Spain England have already qualified and are playing to maintain their 100% Record. Ukraine need to beat both England and Andorra to reach the playoffs while Croatia need Ukraine to slip up in one of their games as well as beat Kazakhstan to reach the playoffs.

Group 7
                      Played                      Points             Result
Serbia               8                             19
France              8                              15
Austria              8                               11
Lithuania          8                                 9
Romania          8                                 9
Faroe Islands  8                                 4               Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Austria vs Lithuania
Serbia vs Romania
France vs Faroe Islands

Wednesday Fixtures
France vs Austria
Lithuania vs Serbia
Romania vs Faroe Islands

Group leaders Serbia need to win either of the 2 games against Romania or Lithuania to qualify automatically. France need to win 1 of their 2 games to ensure a playoff place and they need to win both their games and hope Serbia lose both their games to get automatic qualification. Austria, Lithuania & Romania have a slim chance of a playoff place.

Group 8
                    Played                 Points              Result
Italy                  8                         20
Ireland             8                         16
Bulgaria          8                           11
Cyprus            8                           6                Eliminated
Montenegro   8                            5               Eliminated
Georgia          8                           3               Eliminated

Saturday Fixtures
Montenegro vs Georgia
Cyprus vs Bulgaria
Ireland vs Italy

Wednesday Fixtures
Bulgaria vs Georgia
Italy vs Cyprus
Ireland vs Montenegro

Group leaders Italy need just 1 victory to ensure automatic qualification or they need to draw with Ireland to achieve automatic qualification. Bulgaria need to win both their games and hope Ireland lose both their games to stand a chance for a playoff place.

Group 9
                           Played                 Points          Result
Netherlands             8                     24               Qualified
Norway                    8                      10
Scotland                   8                     10            Eliminated
Macedonia               8                     7             Eliminated
Iceland                      8                      5

All Games in Group 9 have been completed as there is only 5 teams instead of 6 in this Group. Netherland have qualified automatically while Norway are in 2nd place waiting to see if they are 1 of the 8 best runner-ups. All the 2nd place finishers in Group 1 to 8 have to deduct the points and results they achieved from the team who finished last in that Group in deciding which are the best 8 runner-ups.



  1. Hey Swoosh.... i dont think the doping issue is something to worry about... its more like the british media is making mountains of molehills...

    Galactico : whats the deal with TST's
    I heard grapevine talk that TST will NOT guarentee Final tickets???


  2. ABR, I have emailed FIFA with regards to the TST's in particular the TST7 Package for the entire tournament.

    The Grey area with regards to this package is that if your team loses in the semi-finals will your 7th match ticket be for the 3rd place playoff in PE or for the Final itself. I am still awaiting a response from FIFA.

    I have heard that it does not matter if your team loses anywhere along the way you will be guaranteed a ticket for the final. I am still awaiting confirmation from FIFA ticketing.


  3. Killa you want some Russian and Chips

  4. Forza Cannavaro.Stuff the Media

  5. 2010 without Ronaldo and Messi.
    ABR Say it now.Do you think we will see Ronaldo in SA.Would you like to see him for the good of the game and the portuguese fans

  6. Swoosh.Beware the LUCK of the Irish

  7. It s fucking great that we wont see that useless cunt called 'Messi' i prefer Ronaldohe plays much more attractive football

  8. It s fucking great that we wont see that useless cunt called 'Messi' i prefer Ronaldo he plays much more attractive football

  9. Anon u cunt.......U need to have ur eyes checked......Messi useless?????.......Any good opticians that we can refer this anon dude?dudette to?

  10. Italy are pathetic Swoosh.

  11. Shevchenko is finished but they still rattled the English.What do the English fans have to say

  12. Swoosh you were right.Santana is a MUGG.He is on his way out.Also his results stink.


    Anyone but Santana

    What about Jomo also

  13. Hey Mini

    Maybe you should have your brain checked. Messi is sh*t, what has done for Argentina? They're struggling to qualify and he is anonymous in every qualifier!

    It is the greatness of Xavi and Iniesta that make him look half decent. Even Spain without Iniesta are sh&t!

  14. Pido su perdón El Matador ... but you're talking out of your arse !!!

    Have you ever seen Messi on the football pitch? I'm not referring to to watching him on your 42" Sony Bravia but seen him in the flesh working his magic in the Camp Nou? I'm certain you haven't else you wouldn't be spurting that verbal diarrhea !!!

    That kid is pure brilliance. Take nothing away from Iniesta Xavi and the like, but Messi is on a level of his own and unmatched in his vision and footballing prowess - not even Ronaldo comes close.

    "Genius" is a term that is too easily applied in football, there have been very few footballers that have earned the right to be labeled "genius" and too many that are labelled "genius" but don't deserver to be.

    Maradona = Genius
    Zidane = Genius
    Messi = In the mould of Genius !!!

    Signor Gavaria

  15. Many questioned Maradona calling up Palermo.
    the veteran must be thanked in SA.Vital step

  16. What did Penaltinho do for Portugal.

  17. Hey Signor Gavaria

    You must take your head out of your arse when you watch Messi for Argentina! Woohoo you saw him live, so blow me? I didn't know if you watched a player live you became an expert!

    What the FUCK has he done for Argentina, absolutely nothing! Why coz he's KAK and surrounded by even more KAK and i don't mean KAKA!

    I await to see him show us his genius in SA, eish i forgot he's struggling to make it to SA!
    Xavi and Iniesta are already here and waiting!

  18. Messi messed up for his country....

    Penaltinho done fackall too....

    Hope the Argies dont make it coz they bloody useless overated poeses. Portugal should make it so Penaltinho can shine and at least prove to all those doubters he is by far the best footballer in the world

    Any of u muggs have anything to say about that...fucking messie supporting cunts

  19. Signor Gavaria are you Shoobs in disguise? After the 4-1 drubbing you still haven't come out and wrote for us! Are you still recovering?

  20. EL Matador, my point is watching him in the flesh you get an appeciation for the talent and brilliance that is Lionel Messi.

    Think of the Confeds Cup and how different players looked on the pitch as opposed to the TV. You see their movements, their off-the-ball work and all the stuff thats not caught on camera.

    What Messi does on the ball, which is spectacular in itself, is only half of what he contributes on the pitch.

    Granted, he may not be an inspiration to a struggling Argentinian side and may not lift the team as Zidane did for France or Stevie G does for Liverpool, but you cannot underate him based on the performance of Argentina, coz then your being dof! He is in the mould of genius and is by far the most talented footballer on the planet.

    And no scouser, I'm not that Manc loving bastard Shoobs. He's gone into hiding coz his guru Ronaldo left them.

    Signor Gavaria

  21. So Signor Gavaria.Ive always got shit on my blog for rating Del Piero.
    He too never shone for the Azurri but was and is sublime for Juve.

    Take Jhon Barnes.He was mesmerising for Liverpool and club but just couldnt do it for England.

    Maradona and Zidane on the other hand were great for club and country.

    So does being great constitute club and country ,I thinks so.
    For Messi to reach greatness he needs to be great for Argentina

  22. Don't worry Argentina will win the world cup in SA. They will make it here and win!!!!!!

    Viva Argentina


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