Sunday, October 25, 2009


sent in by Kop Out

Well.What a feeling. What does the blog say today.It clearly states that we F#4ked Man Utd up, Again. What a Thing,What a Feeling and What a result.

And this leads us to todays and probably this weeks bloodbath of a MANC Bashing and gloating from the lads of the KOP.
For the third time in a row the ABUS bask in extreme glory as we slay the MANCS in the JIHAD ABUS vs ALIS Aftermath and I know that the MANCS are burning ............Yes they must be burning.

Im sure the blog will reign supreme with the ABUS at the helm and YOU WILL NEVER READ ALONE Lads.

What a victory. Many MANCS phoned me and said that we may have won but we are not Champions. and that they cant wait to see our faces when they lift the trophy and when we get dumped out of Europe etc etc....All sorts of things.
I said to them in the end.
What counts is that we F#4ked YOU GUYS UP again,

So I open the blog,BASH A MANC....They deserve it,They have taunted us all week......
Are there any MANCS brave enough to comment today or this week.
Because we have won the first battle of the JIHAD ABUS vs ALIS 20092/2010

Lets us showboat,talk Big and PUNISH THE MANCS................ITS F#4KEN WAR
and its about PRIDE AND IZZET

Many MANCS were furious that they were cheated...But HEY You libe by the sword you die by the sword or What Goes around Comes around. The Sorm El Nino hit the MANCS and it hit Rio Ferdinand hard....Torres exposed Ferdinand with shear pace and showed the world how s@3t Rio Ferdinand is. What a finish.Great ball also by Ben Ayoun.Van de Saar could do nothing.

The first half was all Liverpool and even Sir Alex Said that teh better team won albeit after compaining about the Referee and his decisions.The MANCS should consider themselves unlucky though when Valencia hit the woodwork and Owen was brought down

Honestly I say Yes. His tackle on Carrick and tehn on a goal bound Owen deserved punishment....and the sending off Of Charagher would have been crucial. But Hey it happens...So many times teh MANCS did teh same to others in the past. So who gives a F#4k.
Colossal performance from the back four

I leave that to the blog to decide. According to most Liverpudians including Fis KOP OUT Lucas was fantastic on the day. I have to admit that he f34ked up poorly with possession a few times....and the nerves were jangly.And when he missed from outside the 6 yard box to bury the result I thought TCOL (THE CURSE OF LOOOOOKUSSS) was upon us....And when Ngog calmly finished on the break THE MANCS were buried.
And Congratulations to Nemanja Vidic for getting sent off 3 times in a row. They say If you cant beat a Storm........rather stay indoors

But LADS this is our time.We have beaten MAN UTD and say what you want beating the MANCS is always sweet. Let us enjoy the Glory this week.
If anyone has other articles to send please email and we will publish if deemed fit.

This post will turn into a Super Tuesday or even  a Super Week lol...
And Guys even though its a JIHAD.....
Any unsatisfactory comments will be immediately deleted.

The Jihad has taken strain ,but good wins for Chelsea,Arsenal and Man City slip up.
In Serie A, Inter and Juve won,
Milan and Barcelona also won and thats 3 on the trot for Milan,something new for Leonardo



  1. Liverpool being charged for beastiality, for fucking up the PIGS again.....


  2. Lucas is better than Carrick.

  3. Benitez has played down liverpools hopes of winning the league saying unfortuntely they dont get to play shit sides like man u every week.

  4. United have made the Liverpool beach ball their latest signing. Manager Alex Ferguson has lauded the signing saying it is one of his best signings ever. unfortunately the beach ball was unavailable for comment, he seemed a bit deflated after seeing the teams performance against liverpool today.

  5. Hi All

    I am looking for a guy that uses the term "liverdrol"

    He might be the guy that ALWAYS tries to stir shit on this blog.

    I belive that he also uses the nick "any1 but"

    We all know him to be a die manc, so after this sundays game, I have been tasked to place him back in his mother's womb.

    The Gynae

  6. Don't worry, Man United are still champions for 3 consecutive seasons, whawhahwhwahwhhwhahwha.

    Try winning the EPL scouzers, oh sorry, liverdrols still have to play teams like Aston Villa and Everton, so you can drop points there too.

    Whahwhawhhwa, still sitting 5th on the log.

    Glory glory Man United and the Mancs are the champions!!!!!!!!!

  7. well done scousers


  8. liverdrols liverdrols liverdrols, they want to win the league but can't even complete a season, liverdrols liverdrols liverdrols.

    Hey how come you drols don't celebrate at the end of the season? Swoosh, you say you fucked us Mancs up, do you think there is a reason for playing 36 games in a season? Wahehqhwhhaw.

  9. You gotta love Vidic. Liverpool played so well, even Lucus was looking like a boss. And a goal form Eggnog... Fantastic!!! Confidence has been restored.

  10. The Theory of ShoobsMonday, 26 October, 2009

    Hey Swoosh, please keep Shoobs on the blog! Everytime he opens his mouth the Manc's collect!
    When we had the nazr of Ejaz pumping his mouth for us we lost!

  11. 38 games in a season you cake, do you understand?

  12. Ay Liverpool You'll never swim alone !
    United drowned at Anfield !

    Watching Waseem "GO" past us Liverpool fans for a kilometre in 1st gear, yellow with envy... priceless !

    Ejaz Khan

    I'm happy Not to write, as long as we keep klaaping United home and away !

  13. Hahaha

    Spoken like a true loser Manc

    Eish it hurts when you guys lose to Liverpool hey

    The venom shoots from your mouth and arse at the same time

    Where was Rooney ?
    That back header to Reina was brilliant defending... ay wait minute !

    Our Reserve player Ngog shut you guys up take


    Ejaz Khan

  14. Ejaz, don't worry about the manc oke whose name is Cunt , he is upset with his father naming him, not you...

    hehe mancs , why so quiet ?

    You catch Hiding, and then go into hiding as well !


  15. please refrain from personal attacks.Any comments with vulgar language and personnal attack will be deleted.

    Seth and Azee, Pump it Mottas. Are you guys in the country.
    Go, Is the MTN Network down
    Is Cell C better than MTN & Vodacom
    Hazrat did you fone Jojo
    Shoobs.....How was Anfield.
    Shakes, Biggy..........Herbly......Zunaid Patel..
    Laudium owes.
    Any MANC I know...Say something

  16. Us mancs dont hide we will take the thrashing no problem ur guys day will come

  17. Where's da usual big mouths , we don't want the no name brands !

    THe Liverdrols kaaked on y'all big time




  19. ejaz bakery boy !!!

    how much for 1 dozen rolls

  20. Dont worry Ejaz,Their blood is boiling.
    We should play these f#4ke3rs every week for 38 times and be crowned champions

    The Quwatul Saatie

  21. The Manc's UnitedMonday, 26 October, 2009

    Hey Swoosh

    We are here, what do you want us to say!

    Congratulations, No Way!
    Have you ever congratulated us on a win - NEVER!

    Enjoy your victory but we'll see you in May when titles are decided and trophies won!

    You'll Never Win Anything!

  22. Jurgen KlinsmannMonday, 26 October, 2009

    Qiyamat is coming.. Agog, Magog and Ngog have been unleashed..

    The height of embarrassment came when the commentator said that Lucas was controlling the midfield.. Any opposition should be embarrassed at such a statement.. Cos Lucas is shite.. Which in turned proved Carrick and Scholes are even worse..

  23. Just came to rub it in Mancs,

    hahah Guys da original Village Bakery boy Faheem Patel has been scarred for life, da oke is filled with enough hasad to bake ten dozens round rolls, plus da worst part is he is a Manc...Humiliated by his own fellow fans...
    Pita I mean Pity that,really !

    I hear Akhalwaya's ext 8 is having a special offer - buy 1 Torres special get an Ngog special free !
    Roles supplied Village Bakery boy, haha

    Ejaz Khan

  24. Well u beat us lets see u keep the momentum and not only beat us win some silverware then brag all u want for now gwarrah tease do all u want coz we'll be laughing when u mofo's draw and lose against bottom end teams...

    Swoosh u bias c&*t u delete all the mancs comments but leave all the liverpoeses comments why is that u dumb fuk

  25. All comments a side:

    Leading up to the game I dont think there is one liverpool fan that would have thought liverpool could have won. Let alone outplay united for a majority part of the game.

    Yes there were a couple of decisions that could have went either way. But thats football:
    a beachball , a possible penalaty, a ball that may have crossed the goalline, ref playing 7 minutes or more of Xtra/stoppage time? We as fans have to come to accept it all.

    The question that needs to be asked is were liverpool good enough overall to beat Sunderland? the answer is probably NO.
    Manc's? definely YES!

    The problem is we for some reason can beat the best but struggle against the rest!

    Whereas united struggle against the better football playing teams and make easy work of demolishing the lesser teams.

    Zee Mayet

  26. bakery boy ejaz, your jokes are as dumb as your articles.

    how much for 18 naans ?

  27. zee mayet , u talking k@k.
    lets have a game of poker


  28. JA, 38 games minus- arsenal, chelski, pool, (maybe a mancity).

    Thats still enough to win the league, but does it make you the best team ......

    killer bru!

  29. To Surfer:

    anytime is teatime, its being a while.
    How bout Sunday?

  30. 2 goals are better than naan !

    Sorry No name brand, you will have to come out of hiding and GO to the Bakery and find out, they don't deliver - just like Berbatov , sorry

    Ejaz Khan

  31. Wow.... Ejaz on a roll here....

    scuse the pun

  32. Ej, your mut. How come you brag when you win, pool are in perishaan coz one more defeat in CL and they are out, shame must be hard coz this is the only chance to have any say on the blog. Don't worry, your stupid comments will soon swim with you. How come pool can't win any silverware, coz only the best teams win, even Portsmouth won silverware and they are in relegation zone. Keep it up EJ, dig your own grave.


  33. MANC FOR LIFE.. u rather WANK for LIFE..

    Fuck Manu.. !!!

    How mal is it to slate these fuckers 3 times in a row now........HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

  34. out classed out played....


  35. Fantastic.Great week for the blog.
    And also world class to see how naar the Manchester Muggs are.

    Terrible feeling


  36. Big mouths No name Brand Mancs

    On a roll Yes , haha

    I have been away from the blog for a while now, and apart from my work , I also write for a newspaper. So while you guys write crap for free, I get paid for my writing, haha so all you haters go suck a bun

    Ejaz Khan

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. go back baking ejazMonday, 26 October, 2009

    The problem is you write for some small local newspaper and no one has the time an effort to write to the editor and complain about how ignorant you are.

    and as u say its ur rozi, so no one will want to show u up like that. in all honesty, u are at best a fan but u know journalist. journalist are objective and u sure as hell are not!

  39. well done zee mayet, good analysis at least some liverpool fans have knowledge!

    in all honesty we missed flethcer, lucas had a belter of a game, and lets be honest liverpool really lift themselves for the jihad. added to this RAFA was back against wall so they were going to play out of there skins for him as well. credit to the scousers, but i still dont see them being title challengers.

  40. we beat the champs hence we the champs of england according to the sabc commentators!

  41. Haha

    It is lovely to watch you okes burn with envy.
    Thats why I came back , just to see you rude baang moffies who don't show there names ever, getting all upset and wanting to cry,beaten by only one man from our two man team !

    All upset and crabby I'm sure its hard sitting and hiding all day.
    Some okes took off today, can you believe it !

    Shup No name Manc Moffies
    Take your frustation out from the shadows

    Ejaz Khan

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. MANC WANKS!!! at least the beach balls got an away goal!!!...fookin whorez!!


  46. ejaz bhai , isnt winning 3 premier league titles in a row better that beating the mancs thrice in a row ?

    "go" FIGURE

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. This blog is especially focussing on LIverpool vs United

    We beat you guys yesterday, let not take the shine off the occasion Waseem

    Go take a Med Lemon and relax

    Ejaz Khan

  49. glad u mentioned this fact ejaz (blog focussing on liverpool vs man united).

    so we wont be hearing from you till the next united vs liverpool game ?

    "go" make like a banana & split

  50. Exactly.

    If you read my comments that what I said .

    Take Care ,and well done for at least speaking, and not hiding like the rest of the Manchester
    " Fans "

    Go learn to Beat Liverpool again

    Ejaz Khan

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Congratulations!!
    You have won the battle but not the WAR. You never won the war since 1990 and you will not win it this season again.
    Although judging by the celebrations at the end of the match by the liverpool players you will think that they just won the league. Shame let them enjoy it. Thats the only glory they will experience.

  55. go back to bakingMonday, 26 October, 2009

    The greatest compliment any1 can pay you ejaz is that you have over achieved, for a oke who knows so little and is so ignorant to have made it to write even for some small local paper is an achievement,

    but it also shows the detioration of the quality of the media in SA. FOR a scribe of the game to post the comments you have posted above is an aboration, its a crime against journalism as a whole. Its sad to see but once again congrats to you for getting so far with so little acumen.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. go back to bakingMonday, 26 October, 2009

    Ejaz if you such a great scribe of the game, have you ever in one of ur articles for the rising sun paid tribute to mufc? admitted that they have been the best team in england for the last 19 years? have you? whenever you wrote on the blogg, you always hit out at mufc, u were to write an article on Liverpool yet u kept bringing mufc into the article to lash them> u were going outside ur mandate and the readers lashed out at u. was it not justified? was it good journalism on ur part?

    you are moving away from the topic. alhanmdullilah credit to you u doing oood work on the station, but your articles for the blogg and for the rising sun are biased. i hope u take this constructive criticism and go from strength to strength!

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. It is obvious this is a manc supporter posing as a Liverpool Fan, the anonymous aspect makes it blatantly obvious

    Anyways I am Glad that I came to see what you guys are upto, somethings never change. Still as sour as ever !

    Enjoy the creaming you guys are getting wherever you go, you guys deserve it !

    I don't surround myself with scum so au revoir

    Till the next hiding ....

    Ejaz Khan

  61. why are u so passionate about english soccer? have u forgotten what the british did to us for so many years? follow local soccer!

    also lets not attack our up and coming people like ejaz, we cant break our own people, we need to aid there progression.

  62. Guys Please, the Jihad is between Man Utd and Liverpool..Please not a personal attack against Ejaz..Any personal attack against him or foul language against him will be delted...

    Attack what he writes or Liverpool in context and not the man himself please


  63. I wrote so many balanced articles but obviously you guys only remember what you want to remember

    So there's no pleasing the Manc contingent of support locally, regardless of what I write.

    But this weeks one is dedicated to the victory ...

    If United had to win, I had to write all bout United , so its haarties guys
    You lost, The focus goes to Liverpool

    Finish and Klaar

    Ejaz Khan

  64. go back to bakingMonday, 26 October, 2009

    hey man ejaz, i gave u a hance to answer us ur criics but you chose to talk crap again. answer my questions? why u running away until the next mufc liverpool game?

    speak the truth and answer?

  65. Coz you okes are plain rotten

    Too much Hasad in both victory and defeat

    So I rather have fun with the cuzzies and bra's
    Its all good in the hood that way

    You guys can eat each others flesh !

    Ejaz Khan

  66. ejaz u the indian version of trevor quirk!
    shit, thats an insult to trevor!

    and u giving us others ejaz's a bad name!

  67. Liverpool 2
    United 0

    In case you guys think we forgot


  68. Ok gentleman...Ease up here.

    I have removed all personal attacks against Ejaz.
    Please lets not get personall...

    If you wanna attack the man...attack him for what he says not on a personal capacity Please.

    Also any comments that have p23s and fucW#ehead etc will be removed..

    BASH the MANCS...LETS KEEP it clean please.

    Is Lucas better than Carrick?

    but any childish,immature and personall attacks will be removed

    Much appreciated

  69. Hey ejaz you mugg! in the past ur comments and analysis has been shown up so u stopped wrting for the blogg, u went to the print media where your ignorance is not shown up! where the fuck were you when we won number 18. where were u after the 4 defeats in a row. u once again show you are an abu, but u don support liverpool.

    go back to baking!

  70. So United have lost to Liverpool for the 3rd time in a row, but its no biggey because we all know that United were just plain crap on the day (and I say this as a United Fan)...

    Carrick was terrible (he made Lucas look great even if the brazilian was at his clumsiest)and its this lack of BMT that wont get him on the plane in 2010... Evra was looking a bit flat footed every now and then. Fergie made a big mistake playing both Giggs and Scholes in the starting line up,I would have preferred Anderson and giggs in the middle with Nani and Valencia on the wings. Rooney should not have started they rushed him back to fitness for this game and it showed, Fergie should have started Owen upfront. I personally think that United were robbed with the Carrick penalty appeal and the Owen foul... Carragher should have been sent off, and Vidic should never have received THE FIRST YELLOW CARD (maybe a warning).

    I take my hat off the Liverpool team on the day, they showed urgency and the hunger to win the game unlike United who looked like they arrived expecting to win the game. I just hope that after the elation and satisfaction of beating us 'Mancs' you do realise that you are still one loss away from being mediocre this season and the way I see it with the current lack of depth in the team its only a matter of time before the Liverpool fans call for the heads of Gillet, Hicks and Benitez... Who will be the first to go???

    I sign out a humbled Manc

  71. swoosh is bias and the blog sucks you only hear so much of shit on the blog when liverppol wins zee aye t thanks for a good comment and ejaz for a journalist you lost it bro your remarks are bad i cant believe that u guys are the same people when i meet u guys in person its a disgrace even if u want to bash a anc do it with dignity you guys are wasting precious air it would be nice for once to hear you guys talk sense i a talking of mancs and scousers any way you guys are worst than those true english liverpool and united supporters at the end of the day swoosh and all of you give football a bad name


  73. You guys are losing the plot. I want to know where Shoobs is.... What have you to say????

  74. Congrats to Liverpool. They needed a performance and put one up on Sunday. United were caught out expecting an easy ride. We had a bad day. Liverpool were deserved winners.

    We just have to pick ourselves up from this disappointment and get back on track now. That is easier said than done, but we do have the players and ability to do so.

    Anonymous above I agree, the standard of the blog is terrible. Most guys carry on like little kids or even worse than kids. You would think they about 13 or 14 years old. Swoosh in all honesty you have lost out on a alot of sensible followers of the blog. I've noticed Hazrat hasn't commented in months.

    As a football fan I have to agree, the blog gives football a bad name.




  76. Who do u support Shakes?

  77. Swoosh, don't divide rather unite (and I don't mean that LFC supporters must now start supporting Man U), what i'm saying is that your blog is attracting people but people that have the wrong concept of football. And part of the fault goes to you swoosh, you are creating this hostility. You place articles that incite others and this is not healthy. Comments like "bash the Mancs". This makes other readers furious.

    Your blogg readers have no substance in their input. They lack the astuteness of how to comment on issues. Friends become enemies because of this.

    In view of this, you need to reconstruct your blog or else you will shoulder bad feelings from others.

    You do place useful articles but it needs to be more reader friendly and unbiased.

    Hope you understand what i'm trying to get at, just trying to help!!!!!!

  78. Point taken anonymous.

    Its the Jihad and Rivalry is intense.
    Il be honest.I hate the MANCS ......
    And a Bashing they deserve after pumping their mouths off last week.

    The rivalry between those two teams are vicious.
    But point taken and yes I agree too many personal attacks on my blog....
    and terrible use of language directed at individuals and not the sunject matter.

    With regards to that a system has been implemented and comments filtered again.

    Lets see how it goes. As for the Jihad ABUS vs Alis it is a war. And I dont like the MANCS and we beat them 3 in arow.What a tHING

    aLL Attrocious comments have been removed...

  79. hey anonymous.
    this blog was created for the purpose of venting frustrations, anger & definately poking fun at the scousers or mancs.

    the rivalry has always been between united & liverpool fans because of the history of the clubs.

    swoosh is an abu , just like i'm an ali.
    those that get personal & feel offended shouldnt come on the blog.personal attacks are deleted.(friends becomming enemies).

    none of us are football pundits on this blog. some might know a little more than others & some might be able to communicate their thoughts differently.(They lack the astuteness of how to comment on this)

    it's all in the name of fun.

    "go" HAVE SOME FUN

  80. go back to bakingTuesday, 27 October, 2009

    Go you good thing go!

    too many babies above, hey shakes where have u been? its all in jest and if okes take it personally well, shitthen maybe they dont belong here,

    as 4 ejaz, he used to write garbage week in week out, from a scouse perspective he used to lash out at kuyt and risse everyweek, never had 1 good thing to say about mufc, now he returns , he deserves to be lashed!

  81. what kak is this censorship?
    its jihad u can attack as u want, that has always been the rule on the blogg, for the abu v ali its a free 4 all.

    freedom of speech

  82. Is carrick better then gerrard?

  83. Theres only one reason United lost the game. A tactical plan to ensure that Rafa remains at the helm and ensure that we continue to dominate the premiership.
    Did u guys not notice that everytime Rafa is about to get teh axe, United (SAF) ensures that they manage to find an excuse to keep him.
    This win has ensured no Liverdrol trophies for teh next 2 years. Well done SAF and the boys.
    Where are the guys that all called for Rafa's head last week?
    As a Manc "In Rafa I definitely Trust"

  84. cariick is defintely better than gerrard

    league winner
    carling cup winner
    champions league winner
    super cup winner

  85. Hey, good one there, we just had to lose this one coz we know now that rafa will have his nose wide open and wish for similar results, the management will seem satisfied that rafa is doing his job and keep him and scouzers will have no trophies in 7 years, as it is it's already 4 years so they want to make it more.

    Wahehwhahwahwhah, what a ploy? SAF is a genius, simply SUBLIME SAF. If I were a scouzer I would be worried.

  86. Swoosh i thought this blog was about slating one another i thought it was all out war. So what if we slate one person and that person so happens to be Ejaz. Sometimes we vent our anger and he was the perfect target.

    As for removing all so called vulgar comments aimed at an individual i personally think you are biased as if the attack was done on a manc fan u wouldn't have removed it

    Glory Glory Man Utd

  87. go back to baking I've been very busy at work.


  88. swoosh the blog has become disgracefull, if this is fun going on like animals, go you come from a great brand which you advertise on the blog, a brand that sponsore great events and the world cup, believe me if MTN directors or mangers have to see where you advertise on believe me they would make you remove it, swoosh i thought your blog was for sports and community basis if any charity organisation or sports brand or copany has to come on your blog they wont take it serious, you have done greta work here with this blog and when you have a post like this you have thrown all your work away, people wll think that uncouth people only visit your website you always talk of class, if this is class then you have lost the plot, if the blog was so much ofhard work and a charity and advertising blog you should rethink your way forward as you will lose support, we not saying dont have comments, but if this is a fun website then people who advertise here are wastng their money and tie as people dont spend money in advertsingfor fun, all i cansay is that your pride and love for liverppol should never come in the way of your business and your blog cause then every brand would be going on like this.
    anyway i understand that not winning anything recently and that currently man united are more success full then liverpool is not a way to show your anger and dissapointent every team has a good run yes you won three matches but no trophies believe me that is not success even the liverppol players and manageent would tee you that, i will acknowledge that liverppol are one of english great teams, but that was in the eighties currently you guys have won nothing but that does not take away your gretaness, it only states that currently man united are a better team as they are winning trophies.
    people are remebered for winning trophies and not matches people remeber the hand of god cause maradonna won the world cup people remember plyers that win trophies not players that dont, ronaldo and rivaldo had a graet 1998 world cup but thye lost the final and everybody remebers zidane for what he did in the final, so being three games up against the mancs and no trophies doesnt mean uch as everyone remebers uinited the last three years for what they have won remeber you have three matches they have three league titles and waht makes it worst id that liverppol beat united twice last season and united still won or should i say stole the trophy away from you, you only hate them cause they have become as great as liverpool and are equalling your guys record i wouldnt hate them you should hate liverppol cause they cant do what they doing you should admire there success cause thats what graet people do they admire success when it is acheived, yes you won the game the last three times as you deserved as you were the better team on that day but united were the better team overall as they wont th trophy

  89. anonymous you way too sentimental

  90. Watching United win brings out the braggers

    Watching United lose to Liverpool, and every Mancs a philosopher on self righteousness all of a sudden.

    THe Anonymous Philosophers, I'm sure the world will be thrilled by your arrival.


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