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The “20 Centres for 2010” Official FIFA Campaign was a programme developed by FIFA to promote positive social change through football by building 20 Football for Hopes Centres throughout Africa. These centres will benefit each area in terms of public health, education and football as well as address social challenges in disadvantaged areas. Over 10 million US Dollars is required to fund the 20 centres for 2010 programme and already FIFA is contributing 500 US$ for every goal scored during the 2010 Qualifying Matches.

Each “Football for Hope Centre” will consist of a building with rooms to provide public health services as well as informal education. Each centre will also have space for community gatherings as well as a small sized artificial turf for a football pitch about 20m by 40m. Each Centre’s construction will be supervised by FIFA and Streetfootballworld and will be implemented by Architecture for Humanity a charitable organisation. Greenfields will develop the artificial football pitch.

Furthermore each of these Centres will be run and owned by the community itself as this is important for each centre’s success in the long run.
The Official 20 Centres for 2010 in Africa, of which a total of 5 will be in South Africa, and 15 in the rest of Africa are as follows:

There are currently 6 Centres being implemented at the moment. The other 14 will be identified and developed in the future.

Grassroots Khayelitsha Football for Hope Centre – Cape Town – South Africa
Mathare Youth Sports Association – Nairobi - Kenya
Play Soccer – Cape Coast - Ghana
Jeunes Sportifs de Kigali Esperance – Kigali - Rwanda
AMPJF – Bamako – Mali
Special Olympics – Windhoek – Namibia

Each of these 20 centres will transform into hubs of football passion during the 2010 FIFA World Cup as each centre will have Giant Screens broadcasting each of the 64 matches live creating an unofficial fan park.

The Football for Hope Centre in Alexandria, Johannesburg will play a particularly important role during the 2010 World Cup in that during the final week of the Official 2010 World Cup it will play host to the Football for Hope Festival 2010. 32 teams representing their various organisations from across the World will showcase the best their talents and ultimately display the success of Social Development through Football.

What a night of qualifiers......And the luck of Irish has gone......Well the luck of the Irish couldnt help a blatant hand ball and act of dishonesty by Thierry Henry. TiTi should be ashamed of himself. As a proffessional he cheated. The Irish fought hard and dominated in spells against the French and alas we will miss out on the jubilant Irish Fans. But I would have taken my team off the field If I was Trap. Blatant man...Blatant as the French progress to South Africa after Henry handled and Gallas put the French 2-1 up.....Goodbye Ireland.You were hard done By

No Russia and No Ukraine means less BADAAMS. Ukraine conceded at Greecxe and Russia will regret conceding that own goal and Hiddink has got it wrong.He should have never started 5 defenders. I really wanted Russia instead of Slovenia but thats Football.
F3$k the Russians let me down. Also no Sheva next year.
These two results have shocked me and Im deeply disappointed.

And the Portuguese will be coming to South Africa. UBG met a prossy in Corlette..And she was crying.UBG Immediately knew Algeria beat Egypt.
So the Pharoahs and Arebou Treccha and Mamad Zidane wont be coming.

All said and done What does this mean for me Swoosh.....Well my answer lies in the pics below. For some we are gracious that their respective managers qualified....and we will ceratinly miss the teams that didnt....Enjoy Boys and Woza SA 2010 Woza...

After all this though I have one major concern.With the Cold in SA....Will we see jackets or what we see above.....Comments Please?



  2. the weather will not allow us to see the above unfortunately...... unlesssss....... we provide the garams.

  3. True Confeds Cup time was cold.Even chilling in the fan parks are called.
    But hey its South Africa.If Winter Hijacked Summer,only in SA,Summer can Hijack Winter

  4. Hi my name is Ewan and I met the Swoosh team during the Cofeds Cup.Im from USA.
    I had a World Cup in my country and after visiting SA during the Confeds Cup I know that alot of hotties will be covered lol.unless they want to catch a cold.
    It was terribly cold especially the semi final between SA and Brazil


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