Thursday, November 05, 2009


Well, What can I say.We have our backs against the walls and mathematically it is not impossible. The way I see it ironically our fate lies in the hands of Lyon and we have to beat the team with the D...and Fiorentina at Anfield. Possible,Yes, But its pressure and out of our hands and not the ideal way to qualify.

And it was so closs.....Thats the sad part. But as I said ,If you leave your shop open and expose your Wepaar,You will get MUGGED.

We watched the game at Nescafe,Myself,Seth and Ebie Loonat, a passionate Liverpool Fan.We were also teleconferencing with some Kop owes like Vis Kop Out,Rashid Cassim etc. And it was unanimous that what was Veronin doing on the pitch. Lucas we gave up.....And why was Ben Ayoun played on the opposite flank. Another Rafa rasper

Veronin is terrible,shocking.He was responsible for missing a sitter in the first half. As the second half progressed,patience grew thinner and again we were questioning Rafas decision of not bringing on Babbel or starting Babbel and where was Aquilani....Why isnt Rafa not playing him.
When Babbel cam on and scored a belter the nerves was shot. Ebie said With Liverpool you never know...its always pressure...
And in the end f34ken Kariakos lunged and dived like a mad man and a cool finish by Le-Lo....What a sunnat beard the chap has....and in the 90th minute we left the doors open and told the thieves come steal.
Its always hard when you concede in such a manner especially when the stakes are so high. later on the panel blamed Rafa and wants to see his head....Ebie in particular....Rashid Cassim just shook his head and I dunno what the other supporters feel.Must Rafa go or stay?

Cesc Fabregas again was fantastic as Arsenal were a joy to watch once again. They look like they are on their way. Inter came back from 1-0 down and Barcelona drew and are struggling surprisingly.They still have to play Inter.
Sevilla drew and Fiorentina won emphatically.
The pressure is now on


  1. Dont talk shit that it was theft are u stupid are u blind Swoosh? Everything for u is theft you have no sense in reading the game and pls dont say that the goal was supposed to be disallowed coz then u will be known as a monkey and mugg

  2. Once a scouser always a scouser..LIVERPOOL 4 life

    Muhammed Wadee

  3. Try again next season if you guys even make Champs League .... lol

    Zahed Chotia

  4. youll never win anything

    Mo Choonara

  5. Mr man i feel ur pain...its tough....

    Waleed Laudium

  6. Without gerard we are nothing

  7. Lucas is an attacking or creative midfielder.Wull he supposed to be.WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY dOES bemitez play this MUGG.Why no Aquilani. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  8. Rasheed Cassim spoke and predicted his WAHEE for the season - Liverpool for the FA Cup!

  9. If you actually watched the game you will see that Lucas actualy had a very good game ..pity is that if you say something often enough it becomes the truth ...Voronin tried but the lad just has no talent..Liverpool were very unlucky not to win last night's just seems symptomatic of the season so far ..we cant catch a break during the games or with injuries for that matter but the wheel will turn ..
    Take away Lyon's last min strikes in both games and the group would look alot different..fine margins indeed.

  10. Benitez has signed 76 players at a cost of 226 million pounds since 2004!

    enough said he must go!

  11. the question has changed,

    is gerrard better then lucas?
    is rafa better then souness?
    is reina better then calamity james?
    is kuyt better then shaun dundee?

    the scum are so shit they can only be compared to there own shit players from the past!

  12. Aqualani(wit ou in water) who the fuk is he...doesn't he have swine flu?

    The muggs are out the muggs are out hahahahaahha

    Where is Ejaz? I would like to see his next article in the Rising Sun about the fall of Pool

  13. hey guys , some of the readers on this blog lost a friend yesterday , MOHAMED OMAR (MOMMIES OR MOMEITS) as he was known.

    rememeber him in your duas.


  14. Its funny to hear that all these so called manc supporters ( new ones at that ) know all our old "great" players...



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