Wednesday, November 25, 2009


On Wednesday was another dark night as Juve were outplayed against Bordeaux. Out of depth.
I was liasing with the German Fan Killa and now we have that decider in Turin.Juve need a point in Turin. The pressure is on,Will we do it. The nerves are there. But we have Fabio Grosso..So Killa must be shakin in his Boots.

The MANCS lost but they through already. Chelsea are also through. And Madrid are beat Zurich 1-0.Milan drew and their balls become as heavy as Juves.
And there is a possibility that Fiorentina might be the only team representing Italy as all three big boys are 50/50.
Lets see what happens

Imagine that,Liverpool football club out of the Champions League in the group stages. It was our competition.Something Benitez has done so well in over the years. Dubbed by me as the European tactical genius his tactics, continous playing of Lucas and baffling rotation policy has cost us a place in Europe.
Its just not right. We dont belong anywhere else.
But this year we have been really putrid.
We cannot whine and cry on the blog. We deserved it. What was the odds of Lyon beating Fiorentina.When Vargas scored the penalty It was time.
But missing out on the Champions League is actually a Good Thing.
Maybe now? and Maybe now Benitez will get the boot.
Yes if we boot him now we will loose 15 million. If we dont make top four we will loose more.....
So boot him now and Build Now

Barcelona were fantastic last night, And as a Juve fan...I hate Inter so it was a good result. But Barca were rampant.What Football. The build Up to that second goal..Fantastic.
Jose must be swearing and he must have been going crazy in the Change Room.......
Now Ruben Kazan vs Inter is Big.
Sevilla, Arsenal and the other Big Boys have all qualified....

And tonight its the Big one in France against Bordeuax.
Forza Juve
Lets take the pain away


  1. Its more like out of cash
    Will Torres & Gerrard go?


  2. Torres and Gerrard will never leave, at least not now.

  3. benitez the puss is here to stay for 5 more years :

    someone should kill him!!!


  4. Aquilanis magical 15 seconds

  5. European tactician! what a joke?


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