Thursday, November 12, 2009


SWOOSH0018 Supports Crescent haven Orphanage....
We are going...Anyone that wants to join us on this fun filled day, Please contact Zaheera Bham for further Info
Crescent Haven Childrens Home is a home based in Lenasia that caters for orphaned, destitute and abandoned children. They are hosting their fundraiser-a train trip to Magaliesburg on December 13th.

Money raised is used for the maintenance and upkeep of the home.
The ticket prices are R125 per person, including lunch.

Should you require tickets, or any further information, please contact me
Zaheerah Bham-Ismail
073 500 4036

Crescent Haven Orphanage

Also Guys If you have any Baby Clothes,Toys, Acessories please drop off at Wits Underwear or contact me at 082 581 0735.
Its for a Baby Orphanage in Alex where we will be assisting from now on..


Sediba Sethuto is a nursery being run by Philemon and Winnie Mauku who care for abandoned children from the surrounding Alex township. Their selfless behaviour in giving over their own tiny home to care, pretty much 12 hours a day, for children who were on the street or home alone before, has prompted myself and many others to assist them.

The end of year Christmas drive happens every year in December. My request is should you or your fiends have any toys, stationery or kids clothing that you are not using and would like to donate, could you kindly consider this cause as well.

The Age Groups are 3-9 years
Sediba Sethuto Nursery was formally registered as a Charitable Trust in 2003.

For those of you that are in the Fordsburg area, you can kindly drop off parcels at Wits Underwear Fordsburg.
Cnr Park Lane & Maine Road
011 833 2165

If anyone wants to contribute and needs assistance kindly contact me 082 581 0735 or email me on
Much appreciated

And Finally....This is what makes it all worth it. Take the hate and critics away from the blog,take the personal insults and degrading comments I recieve...and those that I have to censor....This is where its all worth it,Because at the End United We Stand,Divided We Fall...Its that Simple.

I write this note after presenting Nazir from Benoni with a Hugo Boss Perfume set on Eid Day.Nazir was a recipient of "Swooshing for a Dream" . With Swooshing for a Dream we are able to add smiles and happiness and present a candidate with something they really desired and sorta wished for.

With that said I cannot even explain the feeling I experienced when I seen Nazirs face when he recieved this gift.He has Down Syndrome. And that joy Ive experienced is mainly due to the tremendous amount of support weve recieved from you guys. There are clothes and goodies left at the Drop off Points, money ,t shirts and caps bought to support the foundation. Most of the time I cannot thank everyone personally.

As I attempt to find words worthy to Thank you, I realize that the words have yet to be invented that are large enough, colorful enough or true enough to express the heart and soul of what you have done , I wonder what can I possibly say to do justice to the lives that you have changed."

I have never been at a shortage of ways to reflect the light you've brought into peoples lives.
In these few short moments I need to capture in words on how to Thank you.Maybe I can say it to you this simple way." "Not long ago we were on the road and I looked out our hotel room window from the upper floor of a very tall high rise. I could see the rooftop of an old beautiful building. It was stunning with its carved stone and marble - all done so perfectly. I could not believe the work of art I was seeing and I wondered how many years did they take to create this and what drove them to be this committed?

Then I began to appreciate something greater. I realized that when this rooftop was built it was by far the tallest building. In an age long before airplanes or skyscrapers these artists believed each day as they went about their work that no human being or one set of eyes would ever see their creation. How could they not have cut one corner? How could they consider no task routine? I can only think it came from a place deep inside

This note is my way of saying THANK YOU TO EVERYONE  who has supported the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation and its all of you that are responsible for so many smiles out there.

Its OUR FOUNDATION, Im just the key that starts the engine.... and in my lifetime I will never be able to find the words powerfull enough to show my appreciation of your overwhelming support. The space is not big enough.

The great thing is that with drive and support you understand that UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL. No one will ever understand that ,its the people next to you and thats that...thats all it is.

Just to make these kids smile is amazing and I want to share an expreience with you from my recent visit to the JHB Cancer Hospital for kids.And Il tell it like it is.

You know its a place where I needed to summon up courage and be strong..But its a place where kids fight to survive and to stay alive. Some of them are so innocent that they dont even know why they are there.They too little.I seen kids with all sorts of cancer.

There was a little girl that had severe brain cancer and on Valentines day the foundation gave the kids roses.She clutched the rose close to her and just that tiny rose on Valentines day meant so much.Later the nurse told me that she is really serious, and you know the invevitable is about to happen.There were tiny kids with tumours,stomach cancer,no legs some of them and at that point you realise that its about the will to survive. Their playground for so many days and months is this ward........unlike many kids we see in playgronds today and praise the lord for that

Yet when you look into their eyes you see their will to survive.That stare makes our little problems vanish in an instant and you realise that Life and the way we live it means so much....They dont ever quit and their only ever wish is to smile again

And thats why you will never fathom my gratitude towards you coz its all your contributions that makes their pain disappear even if its for a short while.

At a burn unit I struggled to keep my composure when we were led on a tour.In the corner of the room I seen this 3 year old girl.She was afraid to meet us.Why? Coz she was embaressed.Why.Coz all she had on her face was tiny eyes,holes to breathe and lips.The rest was al badly burned. Yet in her eyes you could see her will to survive.

And when you make someone that hasnt had any reason to smile, smile becuase of the constant struggle to survive it makes that smile different.

At a sports day for the mentally handicapped where we assisted you reliase it not about the joy or winning or the fear of losing...........its about enjoyment,the will to participate and carry the next person over the finishing line

There are many claims to be heroes and heroins and sometimes what we do may be a tiny drop in the Ocean compared to others but I have seen real little Heroes and Heroins in our projects.

And what about the unsung heroes ,the nurses and staff that dedicate their lives and love to make life a better place for these kids.They are my unsung heroes.

There are places we have been too that make simple things for us become luxury,Like beds and showers and Hot Water and even food or a soccer ball. Weve been to places and helped kids that would make Grown people Cry.And its at this time when you get home and stare into the mirror and you look at yourself hard and put all the phoniness and crud of this world behind you.You stare at reality deep in its face.

In the end though I would like to say THANK YOU AGAIN on behalf of the Swoosh0018 CHARITY FOUNDATION to all of you for your support.To each and every person that has been part of what we have done from the time we set foot on the Zoo Lake for the Fun Day where we raised 30000 Rand to everyone that keeps on contributing today in any way,Big or Small.

Believe me when I say that your Generosity,heart and warmth has made a difference in kids and peoples lives. It has certainly impacted mines and I will never find the words to Thank you.

From now on in We will continue the effort and continue to do what we do...Coz in the end its simple...
When you see the smiles in that instant it makes what we do even better.

May we have the strength to fullfill the needs of many more people in distress in the future.They are our Heroes because they possess in them a quality that you can never find.....Courage and Valour and they only kids.

The Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation Salutes you and I leave you with a message that was sent to the foundation

"It takes someone special to do what you did.It takes someone rare and remarkable to make the lives around them brighter and more beautiful.It takes someone with a big heart and caring soul.It takes someone who is living proof of how precious a person can be.It takes someone just like you guys"

You are Angels on our Shoulders


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