Tuesday, December 01, 2009


1.Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth 77 895
2 Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani 61 809
3 1 nil to the Arsenal Mohsin Seth 57 800
4 PUNK naeem vallee 40 786
5 Red Heaven Muhammed Carim 59 777
6 Miroslav's XI afzal mayet 37 764
7 The Champion Seth Junaid Seth 36 764
8 fuzzy 11 Mohammed Faeez Mayet 38 757
9 Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia 61 744
10 Wassup Sir Ish Loonat 47 736


1 Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth   77              vs Swooshes Toppie Utd RAFFIQUE MAYET 23
2 Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani     61       vs Bad Boys Zunaid Patel   61
Zunaid had Rooney skipper so he goes through
3 PUNK naeem vallee 40  vs umpires11 bilal ganchi 51
4 1 nil to the Arsenal Mohsin Seth 57       vs Oz Wanderers Shaheen Chothia  46
5 The Champion Seth Junaid Seth 36       vs The Champ is Here FC Sufyaan Sarang 32
6 Miroslav's XI afzal mayet  37         vs HUFC Hoosain Mayet   67
7 fuzzy 11 Mohammed Faeez Mayet  38     vs Akhtars FC zaheer mayet  40
8 Red Heaven Muhammed Carim   51   vs Alaves2 Ismail Essa 41
9 Blade Runner Nurge Fajandar 24 vs Rafa'ello's ziyaad mayet  48
10 _The same Owen's_ Cas Ebrahim  50    vs perkynana fc suhail patel 40
11 Wassup Sir Ish Loonat   47 vs ammaar's armada zain mayet 43
12 RED TIDE Yusuf Moolla          vs Adega II Muhammad Osmany
13 KiLLa.Co.Za Mohammed Mayet vs Real Champions RiyadLoonat
14. Issey FC ismail moosa vs Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia
16 Pops f.c. Riaz Ismail vs azzuriboys shaheer laher

ROUND 4 DEBONAIRS CUP(Beginning this Gameweek)

1. Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth vs .Rafa'ello's ziyaad mayet
2 . Bad Boys Zunaid Patel vs. Pops f.c. Riaz Ismail 47
3. umpires11 bilal ganchi vs _The same Owen's_ Cas Ebrahim 50
4. 1 nil to the Arsenal Mohsin Seth vs Kop End FC Ebrahim Ahmed 50
5. The Champion Seth Junaid Seth vs Wassup Sir Ish Loonat
6. HUFC Hoosain Mayet vs Real Champions Riyad Loonat
7 Akhtars FC zaheer mayet vs Adega II Muhammad Osmany
8 Red Heaven Muhammed Carim 51 vs Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia


  1. 3 Seth's, 3 Mayets, 2 loonats and the Umpire- ALL still in it to win it! (sounds a bit like a christmas jingle).
    The answer is cup football is different to league, so the question is CAN THE SETHS BE BEATEN!

    Conspiracy Theory:
    If I didnt know better i'd think the seth's have hacked all the fantasy websites and are allocating bonus points to the players they've selceted.

    Zee Mayet

  2. Well,I dont want to put pressure on Zee Mayet and Ebie Kop end but the Seths bros have formidable opponents.
    The Seths are on top and Best of the Best are after them.
    I thought my toppie will do the job.But he was crushed by Seth.
    Shahid Osmany the dark horse has luck in this competition.He was semi finals last year and is squeezing through.
    Good luck Gentleman

    Riyad Loonat vs Herbly
    The Battle of Milkwood.....


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