Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well Im Back.Cape Town was fsublime.Thanks to all that have contributed to our fantastic holiday. The hospitality was purely sublime.I got plenty pictures and well it was the holiday centered around the Ferarri F430. and the rest cannot be mentioned.
From a sporting context..Geez lots has been happening.Cricket,Footie and of course the AFCON CUP.Where do i begin......

Il start the post refelecting on Hashim Bhai.A brilliant 100 and 95 in Newlands. Newlands was terrific.The atmospher incredible.The Barmy Army and the English were there in Hordes.And it was boiling hot.

Il start by making a statement on Hash's behalf. I met him on the Final day and he was exhausted.I also met him before the Test at supper and we chatted about his suspension in the domestic game.I said Hash Why did you get a ban.What Happened.

Hash reflected on the incident and stated that his dissent was by no means of vile language or swearing.He was fielding at the time and just expressed dissapointment at the umpiers decision.He felt hard done by with the decision.But for the record he did not swear or use and obscene language toward the umpire.

SA have to win the final test now and on two occassions Onions has made them cry. Swoosh0018 wishes Hash all the Best in the final Test.


  1. Strobson why are you pushing your stomach in?

  2. Ha ha..I had to didnt want to spoil the picture with my fat stomach now...

    Does Body for Life Work?

  3. Pull ur chest back inn bro looks like u r juicing up lol


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