Monday, January 18, 2010


Okay,So i finally got my motherboard replaced and Im back in action....Del provides great service.Thanks Hazrat.
In the midst of the storm after returning from Cape, guys are still bashing us on how shit Liverpool are.Ok granted since I started the blog this has been the worst year,
But logic If a guy is working for you and he is f34king up, Will you dismiss the employee or is it harder to fire than hire. Why is nothing being done about f34ken Rafa Benitez poor showing. Everybody says he needs to F34k off.
Some Liverpool owes are saying that it will cost more to fire him.But f34k it...He is destroying this great Club.Does anyone agree with me. Results are not going our way.Rumours are flying at Merseyside.Reports are that Mark Hughes will take over, Torres will leave if we win f3ckall.Its clear now.We will win f34kall.Madrid lining up a bid for Gerard. Will Gerard ever leave Liverpool?
And strong Rumours are that Liverpool are buying Kenwyn Jones.Fuck who is Kenwyn Jones.
But for now let all the Liverpool lads see how Benitez f3$ks Liverpool Up.

Chelsea hit 7 and the MANCS and Arsenal also won. That sums it up. But What do you think of the signings.Sol Campbell to Arsenal and Patrick Viera to City.

In La Liga Barcelona won and Real Madrid Lost. Benzima and Ronaldo couldnt find their way past a Goalkeeper that had the Game Of His Life.

In Serie A, Juves woes continue and Milan with a resurgent Ronaldinho hammered Sienna.The San Siro Derby is Big. But better Milan than F#4ken Inter.
I like Cirro Ferrara but its not happening...Just like Liverpool.A loss to Chievo..Bring on the Guss. Lets see what happens

Angola and Algeria are through. But Monday Night Esha was sad and sombre as the servants of this Dunya have bowed out of the tournament with Mali. Many toppies after their AFCON display and business and Vepaar in the past have now begun employing Malawi owes. One does the work of ten domestics, Barlies as they are known in Durban have stopped hiring domestics,carpenters,plumbers,labourers, woodcutters. Why hire ten when they come as one MM.Malawi Man. How do you thing Super M was invented.Its a glorified version of Magau.I know my uncle has a Malawi owe called Shafieq.There was no maids helping at the wedding this weekend.I just saw One Man doing evrything.And I mean Everyy f34ken thing.
He washed the dishes , froze the colas,carried the Dhegs and even set the f34ken Hall.
The Mosques were sombre Monday Night as many Malawi Musalees expressed grief as they were eliminated from the AFCON Championships. But Good show I say..They have matched their employment reputation.

I had to youtube Uncle Rashard.This man is UBGS right hand man in the Cpae area and is the most connected man in the Cape. I mean anything,badaams, chows, accom, cars...Gatzbys, Boobah, he is the man.It is said that he and UBG once braaied Snoek using a match stick. They swam with Great Whites without a cage, They walked to Franchhoek whilst the rest used motor cycles and got more attention, They told Sol Kerzner to build the One and Only, They set a distergaan on Tabel Mountain and ate Biryani. They are the only two owes to walk in Sandy Bay with clothes, They were the only two guys with a full set of teeth in Mitchels Plain. They picked up chics in Cape Town whilst everybody else holidaying and started the trend for Jo'burgers, They walked on a unclaimed piece of beach and thought it was Sandy Bay..They were kal.Locals then called that beach HOUD (Hard) Bay.
When you go to Cape Town This is the man ....Well UBGS man.

Stanley or Stan the man is a Cape Tonian local that sells drinks and Ice Cream on Cliffton 4. Over the years we have been good friends with Stan who often points us in the direction of the badaams. Hell he even organises them for us. Aside from all that his selling technique is sublime. Now thats how you sell refreshements on the beach full of Badaams........
"Have a Wafer to make your PP styfer"

Tribute to the Vehzerz Lities and Merkardah and the Tietlahs and Champals..They will understand the Lingo.........Spread the Jam and an Be Wise..... mise

Young soccer players in Pretoria got the chance to shake "the hand of God" yesterday.

STAR ATTRACTION: Football legend and Argentina coach Diego Maradona shares a moment with aspiring soccer stars at the high-performance centre at Pretoria University yesterday Picture: SYDNEY SESHIBEDI

Diego Maradona dished out handshakes but not much else in a walkabout with aspiring soccer stars at the University of Pretoria's high-performance centre.

The Argentine football great, who is now his country's World Cup coach, is here on a scouting mission.
He will check out venues in Johannesburg and Polokwane, where Argentina are set to play in the first round of the tournament in June.

Maradona, 49, notoriously scored a handball goal to eliminate England from the 1986 World Cup and afterwards dismissed the incident as being the work of the "hand of God". Argentina went on to win the tournament, held in Mexico.
He arrived in Johannesburg yesterday, two days after a Fifa ban on him had ended. Maradona is on a five-day visit with a delegation of the Argentina Football Association.

This is his first visit to South Africa. He missed the World Cup draw in Cape Town last month because of the Fifa ban, imposed on him for making obscene gestures when Argentina qualified for the World Cup.
But Maradona's misdemeanours were of little interest to the young players.

"I will definitely frame my autographed cap to prove that I met him," said Katlego Shoro, a player at the Pretoria University soccer academy.
"I am inspired to meet a legend like him and I got to touch the 'hand of God' and say something to him in Spanish, even though I did not understand what he said when he responded."
Maradona, who watched Mamelodi Sundowns train, said he "liked" the base camp chosen for his team. He was jovial, kicked a ball and posed for photographs.
This afternoon, he visits a school in Garankuwa. On Thursday he will visit Soccer City, Johannesburg, where Argentina will play South Korea on June 17.

Whilst we were lurking about in Paradise in Camps Bay I met Edgar Davids strolling around with his bird. The Pitbull, the man who drove Holland from Midfield.I said to him Edgar,Forza Bianconero. He was cool and chatted for a while. Rumours are rife that Edgar Davids and Patrick Kluivert are in Cape Town penning a deal with Ajax Cape Town.Lets wait and see


  1. Liverpool after Kenwyn Jones.MUGGS

  2. Mark Hughes.A MANC , Why not get Steve Bruce while you at it.Benitez should have managed Bafana.They would sack him with ease

  3. Gerard to leave Liverpool.How true is this.
    City,Chelsea or Real madrid

  4. Gerard aint like Owen.He will never leave Liverpool for an English Club.Madrid he will go.Think of it,he has done what he can for Liverpool.How much more can he do if Rafa keeps messing up.
    Go Stevie G.We Salute you for what you have done.

  5. Gerard wants to win.We dont blame him.
    Us Mancs will wecome him.But I see hhis future in Europe away from England

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