Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Swoosh0018 correspondents from Durban Nazeera & Ayesha recently went up the Sky Car at the Moses Mabida stadium and though many are describing the Durban Stadium as one of a kind the Sky Car is definately a must for many tourists.
Saleem Bha recently went to Durban where he met some German Tourists.They were looking at the Stadium. He said "But you guys have the Aliance Arena,They said Yes we do,But nothing compares to this.
Well here are the pics and views from the Sky Car

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  1. The walk up from the other end of the Arch is much better...

    550 steps up

    n 550 back down...

    The Harness that u have to wear when u walk is a bit of a shlep... but its worth it!


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