Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The Austrailian Open concluded on Sunday and the first Grand Slam of the year is always exciting to watch. Sitting back on the couch and you miss the days of Samprass, Agassi, Becker and the likes. But thats the past. In the womens final I really wanted Justine Henin to win but Serena Williams was too powerful and won in a close three sets.
In the mens final it was Andy Murray and Roger Federer. Both played breathtaking tennis en route to the final. And Murray was bidding to be the first Brit to win a grand slam in something like 75 years.

If Murray won I felt England will win the World Cup in 2010.
But it was FEDERER who won convincingly and showed the class that he possesses.
Theres only one Roger Federer.

With Nadal nowhere near to what he was Federer is the King...and perhaps can be slotted in with names such as Pele,Michael Jordan,Lance Armstrong and of course Tiger Woods

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