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What a great feeling,What a moment for all Hash Fans! Hashim Amla has scored his maiden test double hundred and finished not out. What makes it sweeter is that its against the leading test nation India. Great stuff for Hash. I am mighty proud. I can just see Hash earning some dollars for the Deccon Chargers.But all the glory aside it had to happen to a man of this stature.His qualities,his behaviour and  his sublime skill.
It was great to watch and having a Dawaat at my grannys place made it sweeter. All the toppies were smiling and If Hash reads this,Bro our community let alone family were proud.
But of course where there are Indian toppies having Biryani on a Sunday and tea afterwards theres always controversy.
One toppie said How could Fani De Villiers say that Hash was negative. If this comment was true..Cmon vinnege Fanie. It was breathtaking and scored when SA were two down.
And of course the biggest debate was SHOULD SMITH HAVE DECLARED OR LET HASH BAT ON?
I leave it to the blog.Im quite interested to read teh comments.But for now.WELL DONE HASH.....YOU ARE THE MAN.

While I was posting this I found a few owes on facbook and got their views.Heres what they had to say

Ahmed Pahad
"No, he was protecting his record, preserving white supremacy at the top of the record charts. Had he declared 30 mins or an hour earlier, he cud use the excuse that he wanted to have a bowl at the indians while they're still tired but giving his bowlers 3 overs to bowl at the indians proves it was not the case as over 90% of bowlers require at least 1 over to get into their bowling rhythm, further more, Amla had "the great Greame Pollocks" record in site, "expert commentator Daryll Cullinans" record in site and off course, "our cricketing saviour and national team captains" record in site.He was also on course to become the first south african to score a test triple hundred.
the excuse thats going to come out, is that the team and winning the match is wats most important and i agree, winning must come first, BUT , had it been Kallis, De Villiers or himself batting, would the declaration have come?When he scored his 277, he batted on, selfishly, without regard for the team or winning the match, He had his sights on the record and he gave himself every opportunity to get it.
and if i were captain, i would bat on until the team were bowled out. there was still another 100 -150 runs on offer from our team which woud put us around 700 runs and 2 and a half days to bowl india out on a deteriorating pitch.550 is not a secure score, follow on is around 350 but at 700, the follow on is around 500
if India do bat relatively well in the first innings, then we gotto then bat again and then its a draw but with a lead of 700, india are never gonna score 500 against us.not with 3 new batsmen in the team so it puts us in the driving seat , this declaration has put the ball in indias court to salvage the match in general, all round bad captaincy

Our very own Yusuf Rasool
"What an innings hash played his proved all his critics wrong smith declared for his record not for the win he could have given hash the 20 mins to get his runs and bowl at india for the three days"


  1. I say that once Amla go his 250 Smith should have made it clear and tell Hash to go for it!
    Interesting topic.Interested in comments!


  2. Why was Amla dropped from the one day squad when his average lingers in the 40s.

  3. Amla needed 25 runs - overs left in the day: 6, ie 36 deliveries and there are 2 batsman.
    Steyn would have played the role of the night watchman by shielding Amla.

    I honestly do not think Amla would have got there.

  4. If SA picked up three wickets.Would Smith still be a bad Captain?

  5. Smith should have let Amla chase 277 (kept by Smith). Great time for declaring- when Amla was either out or reached 300.

    Oh and Well done to kallis.As an SA Fan great to see the two of them in form

  6. SA were never gonna pick up 3 wickets in 4 overs, not with the quick bowlers at that time of day on that wicket. If the first 2 days play is anything to go by, the Indian quick bowlers only really troubled the batsmen in the first 1-2 hours of play when there was still abit of moisture and maybe some dew around that could extract movement off the pitch. This decision to declare was pure selfishness on the part of Graeme smith

  7. perhaps, due to the reshuffle in SA cricket (and his poor form for the last year with the bat, with the exception of 2 innings against England) maybe, just maybe there might be a change in the captaincy on the horizon.From the current squad, who is the only person (under 30) with national team captaincy experience ?
    Hashim Amla Captained SA u19 as a victorious captain in the under 19 world cup, theres your conspiracy theory !
    Amla has also been dropped from the one day squad BUT has the one of the highest one day averages in the last 12 months in ODI's for SA.Smith has sensed a threat to his seemingly secure place in the team as the leader, take the leadership away from him and he's subject to being dropped more easily for poor form.

    Brilliant innings from Hashim Amla non the less, you could see the shock and utter disappointment on his face when the declaration came.had it not come, he would have had 8 more overs today in which to get the 25 runs needed to break smith's record and if i were captain, i would bat on until the team were bowled out. there was still another 100 -150 runs on offer from our team which woud put us around 700 runs and 2 and a half days to bowl india out twice on a deteriorating pitch.550 is not a secure score, the follow on is around 350 but at 700, the follow on is around 500.if India do bat relatively well in the first innings, then we gotto bat again and then its a draw but with a lead of 700, india are never gonna score 500 against us.not with 3 new batsmen in the team so they would not save the follow on, they'd go straight back into bat and the pressure would be on India then.The timing of this declaration takes the pressure off India as they feel they can get 350 on this wicket against a team with 4 quick bowlers in general, all round bad captaincy from Smith.

  8. gentlemen as much as i would like to indulge in a conspiracy theory, it must be noted that cricket is a team sport. individual records do not preceed the best interests of the team. smith was right to declare, in fact he should have declared a bit earlier as 4 overs was not enough to bowl at the indians. glad hash got his 250 though

  9. Guy, enjoy Hash's innings but dont be sour grapes..Pahad you must be "hard" at seeing as Hash graciously walked off...Hash is and always has been a team man. On such a flat wicket and considering we got england 9 down twice without managing to finish them off...Can you really blame Smith...and dont forget that SA declared with Kallis on 189 - I didnt hear you complain that time

    Some of us have selective memories..I am sure paHARD was also HARD on smith when we couldnt finish the english off

    And I'm sure the vary same paHARD is now screaming for bodi to be included in the test team because he scored 80 in the MTN Pro 20

    Some of us CHAAROUS have a warped sense of reality!

  10. Smith made the right decision to declare. Amla was scoring too slowly. It just turned out our way that we took early wickets and won and now everyone wants to say it was some sort of conspiracy. Had India not been bowled out in the 1st inn, none of this banter would be taking place. Yes it is a team sport and it shows the true character of a great sportsman, Hashim Amla. He took one for the team!
    Well done Hash, may your day to score 300 plus come very soon InshaAllah.

  11. Fair Enough anonymous.But it was 20 odd runs.
    Perhaps the thought of seeing hash on top of the records was too daunting.

  12. but of course.. how can an indian muslim with a beard hold the highest test score for south africa... cmon... its like how they got rid of diana..

    Hashim well done.. what a man what character...humble when praised..what a role model to the world..May Allah take you from strenth to strenth..

  13. its the simple and paranoid mentality of you kebabs that will forever hinder the progress of the ummah. we seem to love conspiracies and would stop at nothing to play the islamophobe card. grow up guys!!!!!!!!!

  14. pahad is an idiot! ban him from the blog swoosh

  15. SA couldnt get England out.So perhaps Smith was wary of the fact.
    Leave religion out of it.
    I was on a flight from Durban to JHB when the news came in.Everyone on the plane was talking about it.So many points.Was Hash to slow?Was Smith wrong?20 runs was not far off.
    At the end of the day SA won and Hash was man of the match.No one expected India to be demolished like that.If Hash was 80 runs off the record the declaration was just,but 20 odd runs.Smith could have signalled for him to have a go at it I feel

  16. To the anonymous guy who says leave religion out of it.. i say fair enuf... however last week on 5 fm during the sports report there was some rumor around smith not playing due to getting hurt during a training session.. the presenters and all present in the studio then went on to laugh and scoff and stated that it was probably hashim who hurt him "cos smith didn`t let him bat on" .. they laugh and mock your religion subtly.. WAKE UP MATE!!!! and enjoy it to see the whities still doing well....


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