Thursday, February 04, 2010


We discussed the power of Punani and now we see what Killa has in store for us JT VS JZ

Latest reports are that there are five more Chelsea players implicated.
The whole Terry saga has affected Chelsea as they dew 1-1 against Hull

Should Terrys Captaincy be removed?

In the light of the recent debarcle with John Terry and his alleged affairs.. There has been many calls for him to step down/get stripped of the England captaincy.. Now the question arises.. What is the definition of a captain.. The so called leader of the nation's pride.. The idol.. The role-model.. The facts are these..

The man had an affair with his team-mates girlfriend at the time (now his ex).. Its all explained in the POP Syndrome (Power Of Punani) as to why and how etc etc.. My question are 2 fold.. Firstly should he be captain.. And secondly, the 2nd player involved 9Bridge) might not want to play in the same team as him..What happens.. Terry is the better player.. The team captain.. The commander in chief.. Does he get dropped and u pick Bridge who is basically backup or do u leave Bridge out and take Terry but choose talent over ethic.. WIn at all cost mentality.. Screw morality and dignity. What does the coach do.. Are the captains actions one you would want your kid to personify as a leader.. Watchin him on television leading ur nation in the World Cup while the tabloids have stories of him jamming his teamates ex.. So does the nation follow the so called adulter, the so called home wrecker. Will they accept him on his talent and not his ethic.. But hold on a bit..

We as South Africans, do we have a right to answer all of the above.. Think about it.. Our leader.. Our captain.. Our Commander in Chief.. Mr Jacob Zuma.. Did he not have an affair as in the papers this week.. Did he not get accused of rape.. Was he not invoved in laundering of cash in some arms deal.. And yet we, as a nation, as a single unit, as moral and ethical citizens, voted HIM to be our leader.. Our example to follow.. Our role model.. So now.. Answer the Terry questions..

Must he lead England.. Must he have a sense of dignity and step down.. Must he be a man and accept the consequences of his actions.. Or must he be like our leader and be the object of praise everytime he makes an appearance.. Its food for thought.. So i hope u hungry..
By Uncle Bhai Gora
When UBG was asked about all these affairs and best friends etc...he was asked if he ever cheated or was tempted to cheat whilst he was married......
His answer was simple.....He took Eric Forester on his first trip to Cape Town and showed him the ropes.
Since then Eric Forester has belted his wife, His daughter in law Brooke...I think when Punani showed itslef at him he even belted Taylor. Then Brooke belted her brother in law Ridge and her father in law Eric.
Which means Brookes father in law is in essence..AAH NEVER MIND
But affairs..Vat is it,the spice, the forbideen fruit..the dal cahvel instead of Kari kitchri.One day I remember at a wedding the aunties were all talking about how hot Eric Forester is...From the back one of the elderly toppies came and said.."Thats the f34ken problem today why there is so much shit...because you people watch that shit bold and beautiful on TV.
Everytime in Community we hear something bad,sick or disturbing, We say Ay did you hear what happened.
It was like the Bold and the Beautiful. We always draw parallals to this show.
Is our community becoming like Bold And the beautiful or are Indian women just getting prettier because they wearing less clothes than before....
Vatever...If I vas John Terry and Punani came I would take Siyaless and belt it. A man is a man..and is insaan(human)
As dey say If Punani in front of you only a Bailoh will walk
Oh and speaking of Chelsea
"Ashley Cole has admitted perjury in his recent court trial for speeding.

He said he wasn’t trying to outrun the paparazzi, but was simply trying to get home before John Terry"

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