Monday, February 22, 2010


Well this past week wherever Ive been,the Plaza ,the streets,the Masiets our owes are just talking about Hashim Amla and his great test Run.Later Im gonna dedicate a special post to Hashim Bhai.Swoosh0018 has to rock with cricket because Hashim Amla has achieved greatness and has made it to number two in the world.But more on Hash in my later post.I have to dig deep to pay homage to this man and wonderful cricketer and do justice to my post and to what he has evolved in
And with great stats and form Amla was left out of the ODI Squad. I cant understand the selectors.Hash is on Fire and when a man is on fire ride with it. Instead they leave him out and SA again come all the way to the finish line and fail.It was like at Campus If you going to fail ,fail like a Mugg...with 20 or 10 %,But when you walked into Educom and seen FAIL 49%, it was heart breaking.
What was the problem.The batting again.Credit to Steyn and Parnell but it was not their job.
Many pundits are calling for AB's head. I recall Hash saying recently that AB is incredible in what he brings to the team.He is an ultimate athlete.
I say DROP Majola and the Selectors.That is where the problem is. So are we gonna see Hash.?
Or will they stick to the plan. Whats amazing is that Hash wouldnt have even been there if Smith was fit.
Are we afraid to lose for a while an bring in new talent.
Should we have gone for an International coach and avoided mistakes like hiring Simons, Arthur and now Van Zyl.Also many of the pundits that have lambasted Kallis are now eating their words.
Get rid of the Politics Cricket SA and move forward now!
Oh and Azee what ever happened to the lad called Thandi Tshabalala. Can he spin the ball more than Harris.
One toppie in the plaza even pulled out this lity Govind or Gobind from Natal.
If Imran Tahir goes to sort his paperwork out SA can finally field a quality spinner.I mean who were our spinners past and present.
If Warne was great and could spin on glass then what did we expect from, Omar Henry,Paul Adams, Van de Merwe (where is he)Botha and Harris. I think Clive Eksteen will do a better job he he

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