Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As the saying goes on the blog."Wayne Who...Wayne F#4cking Rooney". Scoring two vital Away Goals...and for the MANCS three away goals in total.
I must say im surprised at Milan to concede three at the San Siro of all places.
When Ronaldinho scored in just 3 minutes I thought thats its.The F34ken MANCS are gonna get buried.
Ronaldinho was terrorising Ferdinand and made it more clear how shit the England Captain is.
I cant understand Capello.
Anyways Milan kept on spurning chance upon chance and if the cruel lady from the wealest link was at the San Siro she would have told Dida in that cruel voice.
"You are the weakest link Goodbye!"
I cant understand How Dida makes the Milan team.
He f#4ken dived in slow motion as Scholes cored with hsi shin. Pepe Reyna or Buffon wouldnt do that.
A crucial away goal gave he MANCS confidence and when Seth and them started smsing me Wayne F34ken Rooney I knew 3 awa goals were bad for Milan.
Credit to Wayne Rooney.He is on fire at the moment,popping up at the right place and finishing in style.
Van De Sar was equally impressive as he continously thwarted Ronaldinho.
Seedord though scored a classy backheel to give Milan hope.....
But can Milan score two and not concede at Old Trafford where the Ghosts of Munich come out to play.
I dont think so,
Carrick saw red in the end but I dont think the Mancs will miss him.
As for Madrid........
Even Penaltinho couldnt save them.Riyad Loonat was beaten as Cassillas was beaten by a resolute Lyon side and a brilliant goal.
Madrid are shite......
As we now move on to Mourinho vs Ancelotti


  1. Wayne Rooney for World Footballer of the year


  2. Shakes what do you have to say

  3. Glory Glory Man Utd 3 ROAD GOALS


    VIS KOPOUT was the badluck again. he called when ronaldinho scored & thats wen i knew utd will win.
    thanks kopout.

    if rooney keeps this form, i think he'll be world footballer of the year. he has the wrold cup to prove himself as well.

    "go" call him shrek, call him whatever u like, but rooney you are a beauty !!!!


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