Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Earlier on I told Faaiz Oz to come to Exclusive books so I can buy him a labguage book on how to speak Portuguese and say "We got f34ked up in portuguese". Also I blasted him and Moosa Areff  on how can a 40 year old man Sol Campbell start in defence. I was wrong from the start as Arsenal came out rampant. The little Arshavin was menacing and instrumental as Arsenal went 2 up playing attractive ened to end soccer. It seemed for a while they were sweating as Porto threatened to pull one crucial goal back.One goal and the whole game changes. But step up Samir Nasri with a brilliant effort to see Arsenal through. And maybe just maybe Arsenal can go on and win the premiership.Its possible as they have a great run in. But Wengers men go to the quarterfinal and can they focus and make it further.For now a great display.......to overcome Porto..............

It was said in 82 against France,it was said in 86 against Argentina and then again in 2006 against Argentina.
I was chattting to a dejected Bayern Fan Killa on line when the Viola had the upper hand. I said to him the Germans are finished.They cannot defend anymore. Then the torment of the wingers Ribery and Robben. Up stepped Arjen Robben and 4-4 on aggregate.The Germans through to the quarter finals.
Not a classic German display...But they are the big boys at the expense of the Italians.
And Farouk and Robben are dangerous ba@3ards


  1. great Arsenal display.Arshavin awesome.
    Watch us for the title.
    Does anyine believe we have a chance to win the Premiership

  2. If anyone doesn`t believe that the gaaners got a chance.. then they plain and simpool 'DOM'

  3. NO BMT.They will choke in the next round and at the run in.Thats the difference between man Utd and the rest.United have BMT Noh


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