Monday, March 29, 2010


There used to be an after sales guy in Lenz before, and everytime when theres a problem and you fone him he says Im aroun the corner.And then the oke never ever pitches.
Arsenal are just like that. They always coming and then never show up.I was sms'ing Arsenal Fans Faaiz Oz and Moosa Areff and expressed bitter disappointment to them after Birmingham and Kevin Phillips equalised in the 90th to disrupt Arsenals push.I mean Birmingham of all people.
Many toppies, including my toppie were saying Arsenal for the title. So what now.Do Arsenal have the BMT?
Chelsea in the meantime were emphatic and caused a shock 7-1 drubbing of Aston Villa. They probably unleashed all the pain. WHo had Lampard as fantasy Captain?
And so next weeks game is an obvious ttle decider.Chelsea vs the MANCS.ts bigger than ever.We cant rely on Arsenal, surely we cant.
The MANCS were equally resounding against Bolton and Oh by the way ....Liverpool won

In La Liga Barcelona squeezed out a 1-0 victory and Madrid scored a 3-2 victory in the Madrid Derby against Atlethico Madrid. Great win for them but still I maintain the Madrid defence is shite.

And What is happenining in Serie A. Has Italian football reached an all time low. Whats great is that Inter lost to Roma.Great result. Now theres more to this.If Inter dont win Serie A and win Europe then Mourinho will leave and could join Liverpool. That would be awesome stuff.
As for Juve they beat struggling Atlanta and got back to winning ways. Del Piero opening the scoring with astunning free kick.As the giants struggle it will be interesting to see how Serie A pans out


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  1. Who gives a shite if the fools win or lose coz they are just shite. Come witha better reading article it has no depth just how the fools have no depth


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