Thursday, March 04, 2010


By Uncle Bhai Gora

When one thinks of Namibia theres a lot of things that come to mind.We used to go fishing there without our wives he he..Oh the good days , the german tts and birds.Me and Uncle Salaam felt like Christopher Columbus wen we went there.We discovered the women and there were no South Africans there..It was like discovering a new country Areh Wah. Anyvays wid this 100 day celebration all the fans say they have faith in Bafana Bafana. We cant beat freakin Namibia Benchot.How are we going to fair against Mexico and France and Uraguay.

The pnly sports icon to emerge from Namibia was Frankie Fredericks and Borris Becker. And we cant beat them. Blast Perreira. The owe left us in a lurch and now SAFA brings him back.What a MUGG.Perreira is a MUGG

Elsewhere Egypt lost three one to England and the English were fortunate. Pity Egypt not coming to SA. The joints will lose out but thats how it goes. Italy drew against Cameroon and were negative and shite. While the Germans went down 1-0 to Argentina. Good win for Maradona in this rivalry thats spanning over decades.
And the kuck French were admirably beaten by Spain......
UBG'S Favourites for the Final.ESPANIA

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