Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So Chelsea are gone again. Terry cries again and the f#4ken Drog shows his poor sporstmanship again.Pathetic from the Drog.First he had it with Barcelona and the MANCS and now he gets sent off again. Credit to Inter though, I hate them alot but Zanetti and Co were outstanding. They showed Chelsea the Italian way of playing in Europe.........
The positive thing though is that Jose is there and there will be some excitement. It wasgood of him to say in his press conference that he felt bad for his old club but somebody has to lose.
Inter were class on the night and so was Wesley Shneider. The dutchman was surplus to Real Madrid but having a blinder. And when Eto put Inter in the lead it was bye bye Ancelotti.
Also another surprise result was CSKA Moscow defeating Sevilla.Kaoute and them are also gone.
As for tonite.Will the name Cacauw reign supreme and can Stuttgart provide a shock in the Nou Camp

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