Thursday, April 01, 2010


Arsenal surprised many last night and drew with the mighty Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium. We were at Nescafe and in the mix was die hard Arsenal man Faaiz Oz. And in the first fifteen minutes he was in Perishaan. We told Husein from Nescafe that the TV wasnt working and moving to our right. We said everytime it comes close to the Arsenal 18 area ,the TV doesnt move to the right. "We cant see Victor Valdez. Oz and Moosa Areff phoned each other for support as the MUGG Aluminia who verkooped them in the weekend was pulling out belters from Xavi and Co. And it was the Mugg Aluminia who raced of his line when he actually should have stayed on it. Ibrahimovic who the lads were saying is shit calnly chipped him. The second was a devastaing finish from Ibra Cadibra. Arsenal defence were split. After the 15 minute onslaught though Arsenal began clawing their way back to their credit. I mean they couldnt just stand up to this barage.They needed to step up and they did. The introduction of pace and Walcott put Arsenal back in. Oz was smiling but they needed one more to be back in the tie. And in the end Puyols foul on Fabregas and the ensuing penalty which the Spaniard converted soundly. 2-2. The red card was just an appalling decision.So great saves on either side and although Barca have two away goals,Arsenal are back in the tie when at one stage they were totally out. The question is can they score at the Camp Nou.Perhaps they can with Piquet and Puyol missing. Lets wait and see.

In the other tie Schneider set up Milito for the only goal as Mourinho remains on course for his quest to win the Champions League.Great result for Inter.

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