Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Arsenal were hit by Messi.They grabbed the lead and thought OK !We can do this and then the one man that Im sure they wished would be quiet rose to the occation in a master class display which leads usto the question. Is Messi the Greatest of all time.We have often debated what makes a player great.I believe its performing in the Big Stages and making it look so simple.To rise above the rest. Penaltinho ,Rooney..I feel you cant compare.Messi is class,He makes the ball stick to his feet, His skills,his pace. I mean look how he was running through Arsenal, nutmegging defenders, turning them inside out.He makes world class defenders eat grass.He did it too Canavaro and many greats. Arsenal had no answer and the only time he looked like he wasnt going to score if he was off the field. A pure magician.All of his goals.
But the question is ,Will he be the greatest of all time or just the greatest of his Generation.
Today we have technology, the boots, the balls , energy enhancements ,training methodoligies and fitness programmes. I mean Pele and players of his time like George Best didnt have these things.Or is it a case  that you are great irrespective of the times as the ball is round and its what you do with it.
So is Messi the Greatest Ever.That is the question.
Ask Arsenal....................or even Wenger.
Im sure the MANCS are happy to see that they offloaded rubbish like Silvestre.He was shocking!


  1. Hey Swooshinho

    I will show Messi who is the best in the world on Saturday when they come to my patch! I will f**k him up and that mediocre team called Barca up too!

    The Greatest Christiano "PENALTINHO" Ronaldo!

  2. messi is KING !!!
    the question is, IS BARCELONA A ONE MAN TEAM ??
    united were dubbed a 1 man team by the abus , having ronaldo & now rooney ?
    what does ejaz think ?
    what does the blog think.


  3. The Boy is a magician.Definately the greatest of this generation.
    Mohaed JD JADA

  4. Go F#4k off.
    you cant say Barca are a one man team when they have players like Xavi,Iniesta and Puyol.
    Dont compare them to Man Utd.There is no comparison

  5. UFO

    Muhammed Molvi

  6. A class above the rest ....If Ronaldo was sold for 80Million then this boy is worth 150million ...Can someone check if he has a magnet to ball & foot ......Sticks like glue to him ....


  7. The boy is awesome.when I watch Messi, it is as if I am playing a Playstation game..the ball does really stick to his feet

    Yusuf Dindar

  8. Who is Penaltinho?

  9. The man is a jackal

    Michael Corbin

  10. He makes football look like it should be... charismatic!!!!
    barca def not a 1 man team and yes the greatest there is today. as for greatest of all time, time will tell.

  11. He is the greatest but he is kuck internationally.
    Pele and Maradi and Zidane were great for club and country

    Eid Rheece

  12. Messi needs to score 1000 goals to live upto Pele

    Maradona,Platini,Jairizinho,Tostoa,Zidane,Best,bekenbaur,Garrincha,Ronaldo(fat),Best,Rivaldo,Romario,Revilino,Zico,Gullit,Van Basten,Cruyff,Puskas,Kempes,Rummenige,Burrachaga,

  13. God is the greatest, Not Messi

  14. A Wonderful Comparison
    I would just like you to know that watching Messi tear Arsenal to shreds tonight was like watching a naked Eva Longoria slaughter my family with a chainsaw. It was horrific, painful and upsetting to see something I love destroyed, but the person doing it was still sexy as f**k.
    Thom, Arsenal fan

  15. My problem with you muggs is that you guys do not give credit where credit is due. The lad is awesome and the best around at present. But, two years ago when Ronaldo scored 40 plus and was playing just as good no one gave him the recognition because he was a manc.

    Azee Moolla

  16. Its simple ...As long as you play for the mancs ,They will never be graded or ranked by us ....If they leave or play for another team ....W e would consider ........Ronaldo looks like a Good player in REAL colors .....
    Youll never walk alone ,,,,,,,,


  17. No body rates united players coz any person who really understands football will tell u that ALL man u players are over-rated!!!!!

    Fair enuf some are talented like Rooney, Giggs, valencia.

    But the rest!!!!! are all average!!!!!
    Carrick fletcher nani all wouldn't get side if placed in any other team.
    FUCK UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!


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