Friday, April 23, 2010


First Bipasha Bapasu then Paris Hilton and now Kim Kadeshan.
Is Penaltinho better than Messi

Kim Kardashian has dished out the ultimate revenge to ex Reggie Bush — by canoodling with the world’s top soccer player, notorious playboy Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kardashian jetted to Madrid for a romantic meal with Ronaldo, who’s worth about $130 million, to watch him play for Real Madrid team last week.
The newly single reality star and the Real Madrid were spotted “kissing and laughing” as they dined at at Madrid’s La Dorado restaurant before driving back in separate cars to his gated community.
The buxom brunette and New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush ended their three-year relationship last month.
She and Real Madrid star Ronaldo, 25, have texted daily since having dinner in Spain last week.

“Kim likes Cristiano, but they are both busy with work, which will keep them apart a lot of the time. They are just having fun together,” says a source.
Courtesy of NY Daily News

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  1. Eish Penaltinho would require a shangaan to satisfy this one coz her past flames were black and we all know the shangaans these okes have. Once you go black you never go back

    Good luck Penaltinho gaan maar her hit her for 6 but walk bru once u klaar coz dat aint clean poonanie it's used bigtimes


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