Thursday, April 29, 2010


Its Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich in Madrid. A great final considering what was left. Even though I dont like Mourinho and admire the way Barcelona play football you have got to credit the Special One an his antiques. The way he revsthe media up and irritates opposition.And lets be honest this Inter team is gelling well. The game was ok and only burst Into life when Piquet sensationally scored for Barcelona.
Then it was game on. Once the Motta was red carded I felt Barcelona had the edge but as predicted Inter defended solidly and just let Barcelona play and dominate possession. The Ceasar save off Messi in the first half was crucial and had that gone in,Barca were away.Other than that Inter soaked it up and hoped to attack on the counter as predicted by many.And so the mighty Barca are beaten.Its good because at least this year we can have a final with two new teams. But for once the Great Messi and Xavi couldnt pull strings against Jose.What was Jose doing with Victor Vladez. A bit of  aheated moment there......And it was the special one who had the last laugh

On Tuesday we watched the Lyon vs Bayern game at nescafe with a friend from France.Jamaal. The man was gutted.I told him Lyon were shite on the night. 3-0.The man was gutted. As for Killa his Germans have made it to the final since Kuffor was hitting the ground.
But can you underestimate the Germans against Inter.Or Can we never write off the Germans

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  1. Mourinho is da Special One Special One Special One....Mourinho to take over the Mancs yipppeeeee


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