Monday, April 05, 2010


It was a fabulous long weekend, met some Cape Town friends, chilled with Posh & Becks all at a glittering function and wedding. what made this weekend even sweeter was that the MANCS lost to Chelsea. And that was great, f#4king great.
Chelsea had to win and finally they did. It was a Big Big result for the season.
We were at the wedding house when we heard Joe Cole put Chelsea ahead.
And then Didier Drogba made it 2-0. MANCS claim it was offside but what you do unto others comes back to you thats Karma. Im sure the MANCS were jubilant when their good omen Macheda pulled one back.
Thats when I said f34k, this is gonna finish 2-2. 4 minutes of stoppaage time .Only for the MANCS.......and when it fell to Berbatov at the death the MAN UTD Flop couldnt do more and fortunately it finished 2-1.
For me as long as the MANCS dont win the league Il be f34ken happy.
And in the week I will achieve the Double if Bayern beat the MANCS....
This is the week that decides the fate of the MANCS..............This is the week

And when Arsenal scored in the death I felt a sudden feeling that this is the luck you need to beat the MANCS, Beat them at their own game, stoppage time, theft, referees and all.
Nicholas Bendtner giving Wengers men a lifeline.

As for Liverpool. Im not saying f34kall beside one thing. Im sure many noticed the look of shock when Benitez pulled out Torres for Ngog. Gerard was justified as Ngog wasted three opportunities to put Liverpool ahead. Could this be the first sign of exit for the Liverpool captain or is it Gerard or Benitez.
All teh Koppers hope its Benitez..............Spurs lost but Man City were f34ken sublime.
Goodbye Europe for Liverpool.

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  1. Chelsea are the best because they beat the best!!!!


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