Thursday, May 06, 2010


Remember Wrestle Mania and the WWF or WWE. As a kid I was all excited and remember the legends,Hulk Hogan, the Warrior, British Bulldog,Andre the Giant. Legends. I was crazy,passionate ,mad, I made my own ring, used to source VHS cassettes and  body slam and suplex my bro all the time. Then the elders used to say that its Fake and not true. They say its rigged.

I said na,Cant be. THIS CANNOT BE. They talking shit. Its entertainment, end to end action,and a Hollywood story line. Women like Miss Elizabeth, betrayal,friendship, the Good Guys and the bad guys. It cannot be rigged.

Alas as the years wore on I learned the truth and it hurts. Now you look at it and you can tell the storyline.
To me the IPL is not far from the WWE. Bollywood storyline,marketing, television rights, end to end action, Characters ,Color and of course a billion dollar industry.
The Big Question . Is the IPL rigged. At first I said No. But the money, the corruption in World Cricket and of course the Mafia and betting.
Firstly the salaries players receive. I spoke to Dyna Garda in the Plaza and quote he said. "The IPL is a circus.Pro 20 Cricket is a circus. I donot watch this .What happened to Test Cricket and the form of the game that really recognises talent.

So I ask the obvious question. Did Pro 20 resurrect the sport of Cricket. Im sure it has with regards to young fans the way Agassi immortalised Tennis from a mundane purists to color and razmataz and multi million dollar sportsman.
Or has the staunch traditionalists and old timers of the past that watched the likes of Richards and Gavaskar and Miandad to name a few been betrayed.
Should we keep up with the times and adore Pro 20 cricket or should the ICC have never mixed cricket with Wrestlemania.

Take the final and three notable incidents. Firstly the dropped catches by Zahier Khan and Fernando. The Tendulkar dismissal. A tame lofted shot that saw his demise. And I mean can anyone explain why Kieron Pollard was sent in so late and Harbejhan at three.
Was there so much of money riding on this synonymous to fans hoping Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant.

And all this leads us to the PRO 2O World Cup which is the same as the IPL Format, but not as glamour as but probably more truer to cricket purists. After the IPL it lacks the Hollywood, the romance and storyline. It lacks the hot cheerleaders and models and actresses.
But the fans still support.
What are you views.

All the big boys have made it into the next stage,So there will be some good cricket.
The teams have just been warming up and now the show begins.
The Big Question will SA Choke. Who are the favourites. Many I presume will opt for India


  1. Gorilla MonsoonThursday, 06 May, 2010

    Hey Swoosh, Azee, Killa

    You remember when Hulk Hogan power slammed Andre the Giant?
    You remember when Macho Man put his career on the line against the Warrior!

    What about legends like King Kong Bundy, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Rick The Model Martel, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Rockers - Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety, The Marvellous Moola!

    The IPL and T20 will never capture and encapsulate the youth like the WWF did!

  2. Coco "The Bird Man" Beware

  3. The Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart "The Mouth of the South"

  4. Hey Killa do you remember Bad News Brown and Dino Bravo and Superfly Jimmy Snuka

  5. Warrior was class.What an entrance.And hes interviews Top Draw.
    Was WWF better than WWE

    Motto Jhon Viagra
    aka.The Big Jhon Studd

  6. Hey Maggots
    Do you remember the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkov.

    McFLY,Are you there McFly.Anybody home


  7. Once you go Black you wont go back
    The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and his bird Sapphire

  8. If you want to remember the old days.. watch TNA wrestling Hogan, Nasty Boys Kevin Nash they all there..

  9. wwe is the best form of is more entertaining than any great movies & music. sports are always booooring. to me wwe is better than all movies,sports & music combined.

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