Sunday, May 23, 2010


The Kaiser meets Farhad

Bayern supporters making the trek

Inters Brazillian flavour

Swoosh0018 correspondent Farhad Mohamed was at the Bernabeu giving me live feeds between Inter and Bayern. He described the atmosphere as "Simply Sublime". He also met the Bayern Players
Watching it at home with the lads obviously yielded a different opinion. Myself,Freds,Ebie Jay,Aziz,The Timer and Swaar watched it at my place.
There was something lacking.No Juve,Liverpool,Barca or the MANCS, And Killa being the only Bayern supporter I know. The game was ok....BUT BELONGED TO THE SPECIAL ONE.
A sensational treble as his Inter side dominated Europe on all fronts. Two superbly taken goals by Diego Milito proved to be decisive with the second sealing victory for Inter and since Milan and Italian team has won. But Inter have one Italian,or two,or three. One on the pitch in Matterazzi.The core being South American. It was great to see the soldier of football Javier Zanetti lifting the Cup and the Special one enjoying his success. He is off to Madrid now as Inter are crowned the Champions of Europe


  1. Something lacking?


    you must be joking

  2. Milito looks like Rocky from part 2


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