Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When can event of this magnitude can be measured as a success?. Well my answer is when so many smiles were spilled. When there is a warm and fuzzy feeling around and you know that for every smile you see you realise that what we do and the contributions of many around us made some kids day extra special and brighter. T...he Swoosh0018 PAMPER DAY at Zanele Orphanage was incredible. Smiles, make Up, Facials, painted faces and nails and well in quite simple terms to be "JUST BEING PAMPERED. Everyone of us love to be pampered. So a Huge Thank you to the Swoosh0018 Team led with dedication and zest and planning by Saeeda Bhamjee for making this day extra special to those in need. Thank you to our Volunteers Leyya Kala & Family, The Saloojee family,The Bhamjee Family, Taskeen & Yusuf Seth, Aneesa Badat & Yasmeen Tilly,Fatima Cassim,Shakira Khota, Summaya Abraham and Suhail Loonat. You guys were awesome and I cannot find words large enough to thank you.

Also a big Thank You firstly to our sponsor that covered the event .He remains to be anonymous but he covered the make up hampers and lipsticks,sweets and goodies,boys hampers,decorations,girls hampers,caretaker hampers,helium baloons and Debonairs Pizza for the day.Thanks so much,You know who you are.

Also a special Th...anks to donations recieved on this day to make this day extra special.

Jumping Castle-Yasmeen Moosa

10l of coke-Miriam Adam

Crisps & Juice-Shreen Bhamjee Mohamed

hair products-Radia Bhamjee

food,doughnuts and other- Miriam Bhamjee

Old Clothes,shoes and goodies-Yasmin Tilly & Aneesa Badat and all members of the swoosh0018 foundation that have contributed. MTN Freeway Plaza for facilitating many drop offs ad collections. Thank you Waseem Khan

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  1. Well done Swoosh and team
    You will be rewarded abundantly for your effort! Putting smiles on childrens faces is an extremely admirable act!


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