Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well Firstly Thank you to Banjo Cassim for making young Tabo Chibafa's night memorable and arranging for the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation to give Tabo the opportunity to meet the Bafana Bafana Players and spend some quality time with them. A special Thank you to all the players especially Lace Davids,Benni McCarthy and Matthew Booth who took Tabo close to their hearts. They were so moved by his spirit and presence that they took him up to their rooms,took loads of pictures with them.He met his favourite players and all the players signed on his jersey that was presented to him by Banjo Cassim.

One player even signed "You make all our hard work worth it"The Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation presented Tabo with a Jabulani ball to get signed

The Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation presented Tabo with a Jabulani ball to get signed and The Caring Womens Forum presented Tabo with a World Cup hamper and flags.

Thank you to all involved and thank you to Lisa Savage for presenting us with this opportunity to Swoosh Tabos dream. Thanks to the Bafana Bafana Players and coaching stuff and especially a sincere Thank you to Banjo & Moe Cassim.

Tabo you really touched the heart of the team and nation that we will be supporting in 2010

Finally I leave you with words that inspire me everyday....It was said by three year old Ryan Savage during his fight against Cancer.

"U have stolen a precious part of me Yet you ll never claim the heart of me u cant touch the flame that burns in me The spirit that lives for eternity I give u credit U have awakened a in me That is unstoppable A thirst in me That unquenchable - a hunger in me That won't be denied I tell u boldly that u have met your match I will not give in ,I will not give up u had better ready yourself For the fight of Ur life

(A message to Cancer from 3 year old Ryan Savage

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