Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We saved up the energy on Monday and were off to Bloemfontein on Tuesday.Our backs against the Wall and in search of a miracle.We didnt know what to expect but made the trip.I was sure that the magic of Bloemfontein will have a big role to play.We needed to score at least three goals and hope that Uruguay or Mexico beat each other by at least 2 goals.Tall order.We set off at 10am and traffic was rather hectic.And many of the other lads made the trip so we were anxious.Even though we were virtually out the atmosphere along the way was incredible.The filling stations were buzzing and cars were greeted by township dwellers along the way.The Vuvus albeit controversial were still in full cry

We got to the Bloemfontein Waterfront at 15:15.And the place was yellow.Vuvuz were blasting.Awesome stuff

When the game kicked off SA went 1-0 up,and then 2-0.What a thing.The Magic of Bloemfontein was upon us.Uruguay went a goal up.SA had a disallowed goal.The French were in disarray.It was happening. The crowd and magic of the Bloemfontein crowd was having an effect.The fans believed yet we knew it was tough.Then Mpela struck the bar after a neat lay off from Tshabalala.The Woodwork again.The atmosphere was electric.Half time French fans cursed Domenech and were irate yet they longed for a party should SA Qualify

Then the 10 men French brought on Henry and Malouda and pulled one back.The crowd was silence and in a bit of shock.The dream was over. But we could hold our heads high.A Great performance and a pleasure to watch. Bafana Bafana passed the ball around and gave us something.They made the trip worthwhile. It was fantastic. Even though we were out Bloemfontein was again special.The French fans cheered and celebrated. Group A was concluded and Uruguay and Mexico advanced to every ones surprise as the Uruguayans beat Mexico. For South Africa the nation pondered on what could have been against Mexico and Uruguay. The goals,the woodwork but for a change it was a great match and as a citizen of South Africa I held my head up high.They played Football.

For me I can now go to Platini whom I met a while back and tell him Remember me. When I met the French legend I said to him..."Michele Forza Bianconero! I told him then that Remember  this day as a lad from SA that approached you and said "That we will Beat the French in Bloemfontein."
Ariovour Michelle. Platini was really friendly and gave us time of day and actually entertained our banter. Later that day I met Patrcik Viera also and Oz met Arsene Wenger





In other results Argentina maintained their favourites tag and beat Greece 2-0 and the Nigerians provided the First official shock when they drew against South Korea and were eliminated. On one day two AFRICAN teams were dumped out.
Tomorrow England and Germany will be under immense pressure to avoid any further shocks in the 2010 World Cup

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