Monday, June 14, 2010


Day three and Sunday in Johnnesburg was planned to be relaxing.And to be honest after Tuesday its been non stop action. So on Sunday morning we slept.I got up and headedto Sandton Square just to soak up the atmosphere and mingle with the fans and do some blogging from the England vs USA game.
My Correspondent KILLA was covering the Germany vs Austrailia game,Oz was at Serbia vs Ghana,
The lads met up later and well we chilled out in Sandton Square and watched the Germans crush the Ozzies and getting feeds from Killa, who described the atmosphere in Durban as purely Sublime and the place to be.
My other correspondent in Durban cuzzy Zak Loonat was also on the scene and we waiting for the images and videos from Durban.

We soaked it up in Sandton and of course the Mexicans were creating....this time they were having a vocal slugfest with the Brazillians...Class

Swoosh0018 Man on the Scene Zak Loonat provided the goods in Durban. Durbs was rocking with Ozzies and the place to be.



Sandcastle on the Beach. Class.

Swoosh0018's MAN ON THE SCENE ZAK LOONAT from Durban

Whilst in the festivities at Sandton Square, A signature Latte Licious Coffee goes down. We put down the Germany vs Austrailian game here.Nice Vibe

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  1. kb7clx (You Tube)
    22 minutes ago Loooove that professional quality audio! You notice toward the end the Mexicans were singing to the beat of the samba. Brazilians win!


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