Thursday, June 17, 2010


Day 7, and the World Cup has been magical for me and I intend to make the best of this month. For me its the Ultimate. The Fans, the vibe and obviusly the game. On Day 7,the Argentines were too good to resist and obviously the thought of watching Lionel Messi was too appealing. No Tickets but we thought we would try our luck anyway.A CAT 4 outside the stadium. And well we got lucky. Myself and Moe got in and it was freaking awesome.
I must admit in a week the Vuvuzelas are getting to me. Its like a hornets nest. Throughout the week I have spoken to Fans from all ove rthe World and even on You Tube, many seem to hate the Vuvuzela.
To me World Cup is about culture and with the Vuvuzela you cant seem to hear the songs and chants of the countries. Its like the a disturbed hornets nest and is getting to me after week one.
Nevertherless I ended up inside Soccer City and it was incredible.Messi makes the game look so simple.Great also to see guys ike Tevez,Macherano and Higuain.Again amazing. Toward the end of the game I worked my way toward the Argentinian dancing in the crowds.The Chanting,The Drums and the Argies.Truely memmorable on and off the pitch.And the Argentina Fans were sublime...erm and so were the Korean Fans



I met up with my man on the scene Ebie Ahmed who shared his views and pics and vids

MAN ON THE SCENE...Ebrahim Ahmed

We were treated today to arguably the best game of the WORLD CUP thus far!
Gonzalo Gerardo "El Pipita" HiguaĆ­n scored a Hat-Trick and was supplied by none other than Argentina Star Player Lionel Messi playing incredibly in this match to by assisting in the three Goals which brings back memories of Diego Maradona After the match Maradona ran out of superlatives in his praise of the 22 year-old's ability. "I want Messi to be very close to the ball. As long as he has fun, then we are all going to have fun," Maradona said.
"Football wouldn't be beautiful unless Messi is touching the ball all the time. He performed magic today on the pitch."
More to follow...

Argentina vs South Korea‎, Argentina National Anthem World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, South Korea‎ National Anthem World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, 1st goal from free kick, World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, Post Match, Sandton Square, World Cup 2010

Ive done the Park And Walks,The Park and Rides and I must say the RIA VIA is Tops.Parked my car in Fordsburg.Myself and Mo walked to Westgate.Ten minutes tops with the fans.Watched the game and ten minutes back.Fantastic and Highly recomended.Its the way to go really if they are not on strike.
Im impressed really

It was a bruising week but action packed all the way and I said to the lads that we head back to Sandton and have a nice supper. We relaxed..Chilled out,gathered some energy and awaited the result of the Mexico vs France game.Being optimistic a draw would have been perfect for Bafana Bafana. The French under Domenech are crap and good to see Mexico Win.At least the Mexicans will be around more longer. For Bafana its bad news. Uraguay must lose heaviy and we have to thump the French.An I correct?
With that being said well we kept up the Foreign relations and well met some more fans.....Babo Babo Argentina.

In another shock result the Greeks beat Nigeria and the Super Eagles are on they way out. Unless they beat Korea,Greece lose to Argentina and its all about goal difference or do they take head to head


  1. Argentina, the best of the world!


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