Sunday, August 15, 2010


This is a place where I grew up.And now we protecting our community from violence and crime.What are your thoughts on the measures that have been taken up. We need to get rid of crime anywhere in South Africa. After a precious live and asset to the community was shot dead.What do you Lenasians feel about whats been going on.
On Sunday at the Lenasia Soccer Stadium our community stood together at a rally aimed at protecting our community from assailants. This is my blog so Im writing what I feel.The Police are no good.Its time now for the Community effort to protect our people. And credit to the guys that are spearheading the efforts as well as all the volunteers that it would take to get this project underway. Hats off to you guys.
The viloence has been rife during the day when women folk are alone and homes have been the targets.
On a volunteer patrol on Wednesday Arief Ismail was tragically shot in a shoot out with the criminals.Two robbers were shot and one was injured. My bro knew Arief from SA Rangers well.He described him as a guy that was always there when you needed him.And a true loss to the community.The thugs were armed with R4 rifles

But the guys are pumped up and eager now to protect our community.The support has been tremendous and the crowd also jeered when "Bheki Cele" said that the Indians are victimising the black policeman.What garbage is that.
Swoosh0018 got statements from many of the crowd but the general consensus was that Action Speaks Louder than words and we should act now and keep this going.This is what we gathered from the masses

"Actions Speak louder than words.Its time to act now"-BabeZ
"Anything for the safety and protection of our family and belongings

Plus SAPS are useless"-Ary Moosa

I was heartened by the good turnout at todays security meeting.In light of this meeting being arranged on such short notice, the organisers did a fantastic job;so hats off to them.

I also met my cuzzy Dr Yazeed Seedat who is an active community member.He had the following to say about the day
It is unfortunate that the death Aareff was the catalyst to the community getting together on this scale.Aareff was instrumental in securing many parts of lenasia. Many a time he would respond to peoples calls who were not even paying members or subscribed members to SA Rangers.This spirit emulates the mindset we all should all inculcate in ourselves in our dealing with community issues.In the two years that I have been associated with Aareff, he was always there!!!May the Almighty grant him the highest stages in Jannah and give his family steadfastness during this time.
The attendance by Prominent members of the community, religious leaders, the commissioner of police Beki Cele, Yusuf Abramjee from EWN and Crimeline, Danny K and his colleagues, and many more, tells me that the seriousness's of crime in Lenasia has not gone unnoticed.More importantly the unity of these leaders and representatives indicates a fresh commitment to working together towards taking our streets back....enough is enough....!!!!
For me the most important role player is the community! As long as we sit back and do not play an active role in whatever way or form we can, we will never be at peace.Apathy in our community is the biggest challenge!!! The securing of our streets for our mothers, sisters and children is our responsibility!!!!
Yes, the ruling party has not delivered...yes, the SAP should be doing more.....Yes,security companies are being paid to do the job....however the enemy we face is a well organised, well financed, well trained, well armed force that is more united than us...this is why they are successful in targeting our fragmented community where each one is for himself....We need to stand together...we need to work together...we need to pool our resources,skills, time and energy into a unit Lenasia....only in this way will we be able to win this WAR.
It starts with me and you and you and you!!!! Get involved!!! Secure your street!!! get to know your neighbour!!!! Pay for security!!!! Be alert!!! Be vigilant!!! create sms distribution networking etc to get the message across....communication has never been easier....

[03:58:20 PM] Yazeed A Seedat: I right this as the coordinator of security on Seal Crescent North, Extension 7, Lenasia.Our street has had only 1 incident in the last 16 months... our security has apprehended countless number of criminals and prevented lots of probable break in's...this was only possible because of the enthusiasm and support of some good neighbours....we unfortunately have some residents who have not as yet woken up and smelt the coffee or rather should I say....seen the blood!!!! Furthermore and most importantly, the late Aaref was instrumental and pivotal in making this possible!

Stay Safe!

Be Alert!
Get involved!
Its your responsibility!-Dr Yazeed Seedat

Ebie Kop End interviewed for 702's eyewitness news

Video Footage coming soon by Swoosh0018 Man on the Scene...Mamad Caloo

As per the email sent in by Waseem Khan..from MTN FREEWAY CELLULAR

Call Riza Stroebel 082 50 44442

Call Suhail Mamoojee 083 442 4089
Maged 072 184 9659
Lavine Chinsamy 083 200 5600

Faizal Ally 07862ISLAM
Or email

From time to time we will issues alerts on email. Please get involved by forwarding them onto the residents of Lenasia & surrounding areas. Please take pictures of any suspicious vehicle/activity & send them through to:

No one will suspect you taking a photo of them when you use your mobile phone. You can make a real difference! Let’s put an end to this siege! Let’s take our streets back! Protecting all the citizens of Lenasia at ANY COST!


  1. We think that there should be more intelligence thrown at crime fighting in the country as a whole. Maybe more technology as well..

  2. oh ja and it is the drugs that is the main problem in Lenz..

  3. Enuff,we hav2 join forces wit police,join cpf's n get active to fight crime
    Sumaya M

  4. The Police.....Is that a good idea. The general statement made by the public was Actions Speak louder than words...And ist time to act.

  5. very important to lead by example and not take the law into your own hands.. but join forces.. the main reason police don't react fast enough is cos they obviously don't have enough resources.. and the other thing that came out clear is tha...t aapaara vara show very little respect towards them.. swearing them and insulting them etc.. they obviously are also demotivated and will not want to help us if we need their help.. working together with them is very important.. i think creating satellite community police stations in each extension.. other problem is our aapara vaara rather pay others to do their jobs for them instead of getting their hands dirty..

  6. What are your views made on the statement by Bheke Cele that the Indians are victimising black policeman

  7. you could see how hot headed some people were there.. imagine if it is a crime scene and this police oke comes in after the fact.. maybe also swamped with work.. the okes must be swearing them left right and centre.. we need to also keep our kewl..

  8. lol it was the roza effect as well and sitting in the heat of the midday sun.. some were getting so delusional and disillusioned they almost bough ice creams..


  10. we need to rid the police force of all the bad apples first,95% of them are corrupt

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