Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok First thing is first.Lets go back in Liverpools time.The position occupied as the breaker,the hard man in midfield.Sammy Lee,Steve Macmahon,Didi Hamman,Sissoko & then Macherano.All top quality.And they could score goals,Of the four Macherano & Sissoko scored the least but Mash was quality.All three possessed and impacable work rate. Being a Juve supporter I have followed the forums and the team and Poulsen was rubbish.I watched a few games where he was terrible.Why do I always get involved in the Liverpool,Juve tussles.Ones loss is the others gain.Good for Juve,bad for Liverpool.I dont rate him and I have to endure watching him at Liverpool now.He played under Hodgson before.So who will partner Gerard,Pulsen or Lucas.Speaking of Lucas,he made the Brazillian team, rated his performance a seven and a die hard Liverpool oke called BB left us with a quote of the week. "I rather play with ten Lucas Levas in my team then one Macherano". His quote in response to Mash wanting to leave and his heart not being there. But if you ask me, Poulsen is weak

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