Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ball as a lity...way back.I remember growing up in a soccer crazed family....Oom used to have the Shoot and Match magazines,stacks of them.I used to stay awake on a Sunday and get shouting just so I could watch Big League Soccer at mother used to go berserk.But those were the days. My father used to source betamax cassettes ....(thats how long back lol) and all his friends used to come over and watch footie at our house.We had the games.Even though there was no live soccer,such was the passion that my toppie and his okes used to put down recorded action.

I remember the name Tottenham Hot Spurs and seeing guys like Ricky Villa and Ashie Vadalya or Ozzie Ardiles and Steve Archibald.That great FA CUP game against Coventry where Villa dominated in the replay.Then us litys used to go out and play on the grass,dreaming that one day we would play at Wembley.But Spurs had their glory.They were reignited with Klinsman and co in the latter years and then dipped.And now Spurs Supporters are jubilant that Tottenham Hot Spurs are in the Champions League and White Heart Lane will become a shrine on a sizzling European Night..........
What a thing....All this after Spurs thumped Young Boys 4-0....Good wins for Ajax also and to the draw we go.Good Luck Spurs
I also remember Ardiles in the classic movie Escape to victory.
Escape to Victory, known simply as Victory in North America, is a 1981 film about Allied prisoners of war who are interned in a German prison camp during World War II. The film was directed by John Huston and stars Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and Max von Sydow.

The film received great attention upon its theatrical release, as it also starred football superstars Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles, Kazimierz Deyna, Paul Van Himst and Pelé. Numerous Ipswich Town F.C. players were also in the film, including John Wark, Russell Osman, Laurie Sivell, Robin Turner and Kevin O'Callaghan. Further Ipswich Town players stood in for actors in the football scenes - Kevin Beattie for Michael Caine, and Paul Cooper for Sylvester Stallone. The script was written by Yabo Yablonsky.
CLASS MOVIE...And watching Pele and Stallone as a must now


  1. Escape to victory!!! What a movie... Yeslike Swoosh you know how to pull out the classics hey. I must have watched that movie over 100 times as a lighty.

  2. Hey Marty do you remember Glen Hoddle in the Spurs midfield.Class passer of the ball.And what about Waddle and Mabbut

  3. Aus ask David Seaman if he remembers Naeem chipping him in Europe

  4. What about Eric Thorsvedt and the guy that looks like Booger from revenge of the nerds.Seth and Azee do you remember David Howles

  5. Jurgen Klinsman was top draw.


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