Monday, August 23, 2010


Pic sourced from Sky Sports website

On Sunday, 22nd August, Arjun Atwal became the first INDIAN to win a PGA event.. Firstly congrats to the man who i've been told is from the Laachpor ghaam (not confirmed).. He follows Indian greats like Leander Paes and Mahesh Bupathi (sourced from Azee)..But how is this relevant to this blog.. Simple.. By him winning, this is how its going to revolutionise
the game of golf.. Indian style

The golf carts will now have 12" rims and subwoofers..
There will be mugh and gadraa beans served at the halfway house..
Every birdie will be followed by a 6 and a half minute choreographed dance session..
For an eagle/albatross/hole in one --> Shah rukh khan will make a guest appearance..
Caddys must now wear those Bolly Wood outfits and use that scarf to clean the ball..
A and UBG production

Birdie will now be referred to as 'challee"..
Instead of the "tiger fist pump" there will be 'balle balle' or head shakes (yes is no and
no is no type shakes).There will be no Green jacket at the Masters, there will be a Laal Dupatta..

There will be no Masters, it will be renamed to The Amitabh (the grand master)..
The Ryder Cup will be the Rajah Cup..A and UBG production

The greens will be called garden chops..
Barefoot policy will come into play..
The lady caddy must always walk 10 steps behind the golfer..
The word "FOUR" for a stray shot will now be called "TAREE GAAN"
Paan spitting bins will be allocated at all tee boxes..
Mumbai will host a Major..
A cricket bat can be used instead of a driver..
Sachin Tendulkar will be a PGA hall of famer by default..
Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player will attend IIFA awards and get
Lifetime Achievement Awards.. on Zee Tv called "Drive, India Drive" and for kiddies
There will be a new talent show called "Putt, India Putt"..
A 100 score will get a standing ovation..
There will be a movie called "Kabhi putter kabhi hole"
Thats all for now, feel free to add your own..

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