Thursday, September 09, 2010


I looked at the Citizen this morning and after hearing the word rice I thought the headlines was something to do with food.But No it was Clive Rice saying Woolmer and Hansie were murdered. Why Now Clive.
What do the readers think.Was Hansie Murdered,Some say he is alive, Some say he really died and didnt fake his death. I dunno.When it involves Pakistan like Woolmer, then there is always something sinister.
Here is an article I recieved from Zaaker Bham. and source news of the world

Check the video -

Pakistan... Only Pakistan... At a time when the world’s respect and sympathy was rallying for Pakistan because of the floods, it is now all out the window with this latest scandal... Match-rigger boasts of syndicate's shady fortune
 'We made £830k when Pakistan collapsed in the Aussie match'

KEEPING WICKED: Cricket fixer Mazhar Majeed goes shopping yesterday in his Aston Martin

CRICKET rigger Mazhar Majeed boasted that cheating in the sport is rife, with one controversial Test this year netting a shady betting syndicate more than £830,000.
His revelation that fixes go on in all forms of the game - Tests, One Dayers and Twenty20 - will horrify millions around the world who follow the sport. And they will force cricket authorities to confront, once and for all, the match-fixing rumours that have dogged the noble game for years.
High on their list of investigations will be the Second Test between Australia and Pakistan in Sydney last January. At the start of the fifth and final day Pakistan were in a supremely dominant position... but managed to lose dramatically.

Australia led by a mere 49 runs with just two wickets of their second innings remaining and with only one recognised batsman left. In extraordinary scenes, Australia's last two batting partnerships managed 124 runs. That set Pakistan the relatively easy target of 176 runs to win. But they were bowled out for just 139 and lost.

There were widespread accusations of cheating at the time.

DOUBTS: Keeper Akmal dropped four catches 

Pakistani coaches raised doubts about wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal, who dropped four catches and missed an easy run-out. Three of the dropped catches were off the bat of Michael Hussey, who went on to score 134 not out. But today we provide evidence from vile Majeed's own mouth.
To the astonishment of our undercover team, he provided detail of how the test WAS rigged and how crooked gamblers pocketed 1.3million dollars (£837,000) from it.
The part-time Muslim TV channel presenter opened up during a meeting in our car outside the Bombay Brasserie restaurant in Gloucester Road, west London, on August 18.
Explaining the scam he said: "Let me tell you the last test we did. It was the Second Test against Australia in Sydney. Australia had two more wickets left. They had a lead of ten runs, yeah. And Pakistan had all their wickets remaining.

"The odds for Pakistan to lose that match, for Australia to win that match, were I think 40-1. We let them get up to 150 then everyone lost their wickets. That one we made 1.3. But that's what I mean, you can get up to a million. Tests is where the biggest money is because those situations arise."

Majeed then continued to detail how he runs his slick operation.
Reporter: "Do we get information like there will be three no-balls in the third over?"
Majeed: "Of course, everything. And you get the indication to show if it's on or not. They'll change gloves at a certain point."
 Reporter: "You will be relaying it."
Majeed: "Yeah, it all comes through me. We don't do results that often. The last one we did was against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup which was about two months ago. And you get a script as well."
 Reporter: "What does that mean, a script?"
Majeed: "This bowler is going to concede this many runs, this batsman will do this."

The spoils of Majeed's sordid trade have brought him a life of luxury in which he mixes with superstars of film, TV and sport. At the August 18 meeting, he boasted how he was involved in movies and name-dropped stars. He claimed: "Our production company used to do all the generic TV adverts for Showtime Arabia. Showtime is the largest TV network in the world. We made a film in 2006 called Paradise Now which won an Oscar and Golden Globe. Went down really well."

During an earlier meeting at London's Hilton Park Lane, the slippery crook even name-dropped celebs he could invite to a launch party for our investigator's "business venture". Majeed boasted: "I know a lot of footballers and I know a lot of English actors as well."
He then added that he knew one of the most famous Hollywood actors "very well." The News of the World is not naming him but he is a global superstar.

CHEAT'S SPOILS: Majeed's £1.8m Surrey mansion

Majeed also bragged of knowing one of the world's top tennis players and claimed he had arranged for Salman Butt to be in pictures with pop stars and a world famous US rapper. It was during the Bombay Brasserie meeting that he revealed the Oval test being played at the time against England was fixed.
He said: "England, there's brackets. Like tomorrow (August 19) there is no bracket because the Indian market is not open. The third day (August 20) there's brackets.

"I give out the information the night before or morning. What's going to happen at the end of the fourth day. But we now are not going to do any results for the next two games because we want Salman Butt to be captain long term." Then he outlined the prices bookies pay him for his information.
"The results, like brackets, we charge anything between £50,000 and £80,000 pounds per bracket.

"And for results, Twenty20 is about £400,000. No-balls is easy. No-balls, you know, there's not that much money anyway, we know that.
"You can make a bet if you wanted no-balls you could probably get up to £10,000 each, yeah. That's simple.
"But in terms of results, depending on who we are playing, sometimes it can be £300,000. The max it can be is £450,000. You can speak to any bookie in India and they will tell you about this information and how much they'll pay. If you had the information and they knew that it was coming from the source they'd pay you that money themselves."

He said his prices were justified because he had to bribe senior players. Majeed explained: "If you've got six players, they're taking such a big risk, yeah." In an earlier meeting, he had told of the players' desire to get in on match-fixing. "They will be up for it. I told you they will be up for making money. They need to make money." His name-dropping and endless bragging was interrupted by phone calls from Pakistan captain Butt and keeper Akmal. But two-faced Majeed wasted no time in having a go about his own players.

He said: "You'll find there's only a few players who are genuine and who are actually here for the love of the game and there's not many believe me. A lot of them are just looking for money, women and food.
"They make money and they need to make money. The problem is if they don't then they're not going to have enough money for the rest of their lives. In cricket there's not enough money.
"How much they're getting paid is a joke. I came from a football background and I can see the difference in football and cricket. It's huge."
Majeed, who runs a property company with a multi-million pound portfolio called Bluesky Developments, also admitted being party to ball tampering, another cheating ruse that has blighted cricket.
He shamlessly claimed: "I used to go out on the pitch to give the players their drinks. Whenever we couldn't get a wicket I'd have a lump of Vaseline on my hand. Shake their hand. They'd put it on one side of the ball and the ball would suddenly start in-swinging."

Today, after our astonishing revelations, Majeed's tampering with cricket has finally come to an end.
Match-fix mastermind pockets his money after pay-off

LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT: Majeed opens his jacket in which he stashed our cash and shows the inside to players Umar Amin (centre) and Wahab Riaz 
Mr Big stuffed the £10k in his jacket then went to meet players

FIXER Mazhar Majeed twice tried to rig the recent Third Test between England and Pakistan at the Oval to prove to our undercover reporters that he could do it.
He demanded a £10,000 down payment before guaranteeing two no-balls on the second day of the match during a secret meeting outside a restaurant where he was dining with the team.
See fixer Mazhar Majeed take a £10,000 down payment before guaranteeing two no-balls
Then he stuffed the money into his jacket pocket before later opening up the coat in front of players to show them what he'd got.
But Majeed's plan was scuppered when the no-balls fix - already arranged for another gambling client and planned for the third day on August 20 - had to be scrapped because the Pakistani bowling coach had warned his stars to tighten up their bowling.

DOING THE DEAL: Majeed tells our man how he will prove he can fix matches

Undaunted, the brazen crook then offered our man the guarantee that Pakistan skipper Salman Butt would score no runs from the first six balls he faced on the fourth day - a maiden over. Majeed even phoned a number known to be linked to Butt to confirm it. The player's secret signal to let gambling clients know that the cheating was on was to be Butt tapping midwicket with his bat during the over, as if flattening a bump.
However, again the fix was foiled. It was then that the focus shifted to fixing the current Test at Lord's. Our fake betting syndicate frontman had already met Majeed on August 16 and 18. But the first handover of cash in the match-rigging scandal came on the evening of Thursday the 19th.
Majeed had invited our man to join him and the players for dinner at the Al Shishawi restaurant in London's Edgware Road.
He introduced him to Pakistan captain Salman Butt and to players Wahab Riaz and Umar Amin.

HANDOVER: Majeed takes the £10,000 down payment from our reporter in the Mercedes outside restaurant

The property tycoon - whose company Bluesky Developments has sponsored several high profile sporting events and charities - then borrowed Wahab's cream jacket to pop out to our man's Merc for a secret chat.
Majeed said: "Just to show you it's really OK, I'm going to show you two no-balls tomorrow.
"Then you just pay as I said minimum for that, OK. Just £10,000. I'm telling you big money can be made."
He even offered to call the players in front of our man to prove he could control them: "You sit with me, OK, and I'll ring each player who I've got and even talk to them about it. Isn't that enough proof for you?"

PLAYERS' BOSS: Majeed with some of the Pakistan stars

Our man handed Majeed ten £1,000 bundles of notes in crisp £50 notes and he quickly shoved them in his jacket pocket. Then he said: "I'm just going to give you two no-balls quite simple. And I'll tell you which bowler's going to do it, and which ball he's going to do it in. This is just a taster. I'll let you know that tonight or tomorrow morning."

Showing his experience at match-fixing, he bragged: "Boss, I'm telling you, OK. I've been doing this constantly and for the next month you're going to see how constant it is.

"So I'm going to say to them (the seven players he controls in the team) I've got a new party. I think he's good, yeah, we'll deal with him. OK?" He pulled the £10,000 bundle out of his pocket and waved it about. "This is to show how serious they are, OK. That will be the deposit. After that... then payment has to be made within 24 hours either in England or Dubai. In cash."

Then Majeed announced that our man would have to pay a huge deposit if he wanted to know the planned RESULTS of fixed matches so he could coin it in by placing bets.

He added: "In terms of deposit, it's gonna be a minimum of £150,000. That's just for your trust.

"That's for me to pay my boys, yeah, right, a certain amount each, OK? Then they give me the authority to work with you. Once the authority is there to work with you, I'll give you everything we do. After that. I don't want any money up front, I just want the money paid after the thing's done."

But he said there would be no fixing the actual results of the Oval and Lord's Tests - "because we're trying to win this game and the Lord's game. Because we want Salman Butt as captain."

Our man asked him: "Is he onside as well? Is he in the fixing?" Majeed claimed: "Of course, of course."

He went on to boast of his past successes - saying, "Every single result we've done has come off, every single one" - before revealing he and his bent players had arranged for Pakistan to lose some of the forthcoming One Day International matches against England.

"We've got one result already planned and that is coming in the next three-and-a-half weeks," he said. "Pakistan will lose." Majeed also spelled out that he was already running match-rigging with other gambling syndicates, including "one party in India".

With the dirty deal done, Majeed took our man into the restaurant and ordered captain Salman Butt and other teammates to join us. The players who were eating lamb and chicken kebabs, were relaxed in Majeed's company, joking with our reporters and sharing anecdotes about fellow cricketers.

After Majeed showed our team out of the restaurant he walked back to a group of his players standing outside and opened the jacket into which he'd stuffed the money to show them what was inside. Later bowler Wahab Riaz put on the jacket and posed in it.

But on the Friday morning, Majeed rang our man saying that his bowlers would not be able to bowl the two no-balls. He then invited our reporter to his luxurious home in Croydon on Saturday at 8am to discuss another possible fix before play at the Oval began.

The imposing house in Croydon is hidden behind electronic gates. A Range Rover, flash black Jaguar and Golf were parked in the drive.

Inside, Majeed claimed captain Butt would bat a maiden over just to prove that fixing was taking place. On one of his white BlackBerrys he uses as a "safe line" to call players - which he says he disposes of every fortnight - he rang a number known to belong to Butt.

He said: "Boss, just stick to what we said last night OK? The first full over you play, you just make sure you play a maiden, OK? After the second ball, just go and tap the middle of the pitch as a signal."

Majeed said if Butt gave the signal then people around the world would know that it was time to put massive bets on as the fixing was about to take place.

He then boasted about the players he claimed were working for him in the betting scam - claiming to have seven on his books, including Butt, Asif, Amir and Kamran Akmal, the wicket-keeper already accused of match-fixing by the coach of the Pakistan team, Intikhab Alam.

Majeed also revealed how he launders match-fixing money through the football club he owns, Croydon Athletic in south London. "The only reason I bought a football club is to do that," he said.

And he spilled the beans on how he helps his players hide their money.

"I've opened them all Swiss bank accounts as well, all numbered accounts," he said. "I've got them even English bank accounts too."

To prove it he showed off bank details stored on his BlackBerry including a Clydesdale Bank account number he claimed was Butt's.

And to hammer home the amounts of money our man could win, Majeed called an Indian bookie he regularly deals with and asked him how much he would pay for a definite Oval Test result.

Majeed demanded $1.2million but the bookie replied, "I'll give you one (million)."

Majeed - who has a wife Sheliza and two daughters aged 4 and 6 - flicked through recordings on a TV to show off previous matches he claimed to have fixed.

Later, explaining why Butt did not bat the promised maiden over, Majeed told our man the pitch was too lively for the skipper to guarantee not accidentally edging the ball for a run.
"There was no signal," he said. "He obviously felt the ball was doing too much off the pitch and he couldn't do a maiden. I've not given you any wrong information."


  1. Leave Hansie alone, may be rest in peices

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  2. What is the real hidden untold news story behind the cricket spot-fixing headlines? Cricket agent Mazhar Majeed, 36, remains only a front man, a sideshow or fig-leaf. Majeed was greedy and stupid. But the real match-spot fixer-recruiter got away with millions. The mastermind tempted and coerced sportsmen with free five-star dinners and top luxury cars for days in Dubai. Crime pays criminals who hide their ill-gotten gains, evade taxes, launder money, and mock justice. Investigative journalism and law enforcement are dead. This was a tip of the iceberg. Spot and match fixing remains as old as the games, and it will never end. So, who knows the manipulative mastermind match fixer who made millions from this reported, and many other unreported global scams? Law enforcement agencies failed to trace, trap, investigate and make the masterminds face the music in the UK. The shameless fraudster feels no regrets as he and his beneficiaries enjoy the fruits of their crimes and scams in the UK and abroad. The mastermind mocks British law enforcement and judicial system. Can you name the mastermind? Contact the author of this brief when there is need trace the fugitive, and uncover the complete untold news behind the headlines… .

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