Tuesday, September 07, 2010


This post is dedicated to Corey Pavin.. In honor of picking the most experienced PLAYA in his Ryder Cup team.. Yes, you guessed it.. Tiger Woods.. I mean really.. Who has more experience in PLAYING against a 12 man European field better than Mr Woods himself.. When there was a question as to whether Woods would be part of the wild card picks, i was like WTF.. How can Woods not play..

click on pic to enlarge (comic from explosm.net)

Its like telling Mirosalv Klose his not in the German World Cup squad.. Or telling Hugh Bladen he's not commentating SA Rugby games any more.. It doesnt happen.. Cometh the hour cometh the man.. Or in Tigers case, cometh the man, cometh the lawsuit.. Anyway you put it.. Anyways, i think if the USA were to win this year, Tiger will have a big influence.. Either by scoring the most points.. Or scoring the most birds.. I mean birdies.. Same thing..As long as Tiger sees the Ryder Cup as the Ride Her cup.. Its a win /win situation for him..

And then theres Wayne 'shrek' Rooney.. The only world renown footballer who has to PAY to nail a badaam..

Wats your views on Tiger and his wildcard pick ? Will the European players keep their birds at home.. Will Faldo's caddy attend as a spectator ?? Let us hear

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