Friday, October 01, 2010


Lionel Messi collects Golden Shoe title for top European goalscorer during 2009-10 season.By Paul Macdonald

Messi graciously accepted his European Golden Boot award in a presentation on Thursday evening, during which he lauded the contribution of his Blaugrana team-mates in helping him achieve the title.

The Argentine enjoyed a spectacular 2009-10 season, scoring 34 league goals in 35 matches and becoming the highest scorer to win the prize since Mario Jardel’s astonishing 42 strikes for Sporting Lisbon in 2001-02.

Speaking during the ceremony, Messi accepted the award and was appreciative of the assistance of his colleagues, to which he attributed his success.

Speaking to journalists, he remarked: “Without them, this would never have been possible.  I have to thank Pep Guardiola, because he was the first to allow me to get closer to the area. Every goal I scored was special, and every goal was important.

“I’ve enjoyed things since I was very young, but I’m a simple person. I enjoy having the ball at my feet, but I also enjoy being quiet at home with my family.”

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell also attended the ceremony and paid tribute to the gifted 23-year-old for what he has helped the club achieve since his arrival as an impressionable youngster 10 years ago.

He said to Messi: “Thanks for everything, for setting an example to the youth players at the club. You are a good person, which is more important to us than anything, and you will always be a part of this club.”

WHO IS PENALTINHO?Did Messi deserve it.....Or was there someone better.Watching him in the World Cup live was class.The ball sticks to his feet and the movement.Truely Sublime to watch

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