Monday, October 25, 2010


Chicharita saves the MANCS blushes
A great weekend of football for all the respective fans.Chelsea,the Mancs,Liverpool and of course Arsenal.
I hear Ackals are now incorporating a Mexican menu after Chicharita is proving to be a valueable buy.He rescued the Mancs yesterday after they almost threw away their lead again.We watched the game in Sandton and next to us was an Actonville Timer that went into sakraat after Stoke equalised.He said "Again we f#4king it up.............Again larnie again."
But he jumped for joy when Hernandez scored from close range.Disappointment for me as how sweet would a draw have been.But the MANCS got three points

On facebook I seen an interesting status...Why are Liverpool fans going on like they won the league.I believe there is some element of truth in there.It was Blackburn and the euphoria of winning was fantastic.But imagine that expressing joy because we beat Blackburn.When did Liverpool fans start doing this.BEFORE we celebrated cup triumphs and Derby wins.These are dark days. It was a better Liverpool performace no doubt,lots of chances and opportunities.Robinson came big on many occasions and Kariakos deserved to put the reds in front but sloppy marking and Blackburn equalised.Torres sealed the win which was deserving.But again its only Blackburn.Hodgeson out,Rijkaard in.Thats my take for the future.Hodgeson is a mid table manager and we dont want to be mid table.

Chelsea did the business as they ran out 2-0 winners.Malouda on the scoresheet again as Ancelottis men are cementing their bid to become Champions.

And you gottahand it to Arsene Wenger.Everytime the pundits including myself shoot them down but they continue to impress.This time an emphatic win over high spenders Man City. Despite the early sending off and Fabregas penalty miss the Arsenal lads like Moosa Areff and Faaiz Oz were gloating.For Oz it was sweet against his arch nemesis Adebajour.Now I understand why Oz was so chuffed when he met Wenger.The Arsenal Manager has this unique vision on making new signings that are initialy unheard off andeventually go on to become greats. And this Wenger transfer magic started off with the unknown Petit and Viera.

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  1. Agreed, a draw would have been perfect as it would have definitely shut the arrogant mancs up for a while.

    Definitely disappointing, however Liverpool were sublime !!!! Yes Torres


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