Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Ashes Tests - Always Controversial

By: Dave Bartholomew
The Ashes Test cricket series has always been one of the greatest rivalries in sport. Contested between England and Australia, roughly every two years, the series have frequently been dogged by controversy.
The real bad blood between the two sides began during England's tour of Australia in 1932 -33 in what became known as the 'Bodyline' series. Australian batsman, Don Bradman had enjoyed a fantastic series two years earlier in England, averaging 139 runs and England were desperate to contain the great man.
He had appeared uncomfortable when the ball was pitched at his upper body and so Douglas Jardine, the England captain, decided to use his fast bowlers to target him (and the other Australian batsmen) with short pitched bouncers. The tour quickly turned nasty as fast bowler Harold Larwood broke wicketkeeper, Bertie Oldfield's skull prompting a protest from the Australian Cricket Board about unsportsmanlike behaviour that almost triggered a diplomatic incident.
The controversy continued after the War in the 1946 series, with Bradman again at the center. Batting uncertainly during the first test in Brisbane, Bradman edged the ball to Jack Ikin at slip while still only on 28. Despite a clean catch Bradman stood his ground and refused to walk and the umpire gave him the benefit of the doubt and he went on to make 187. Since that day, Australians famously refuse to walk.
During the 1958 – 59 series in Australia, Ian Meckiff took six wickets to win the second test in Melbourne for Australia only to be called a 'chucker' by the England team who questioned his bowling action. The worst insult that can be labelled at a bowler give the series a nasty under current, although no formal complaint was made by England captain. Peter May. The series was further soured by accusations of bias by the Australian umpires.
The Ashes Tests rarely pass without great drama and incident which is what makes them so compelling for cricket lovers around the globe.
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  1. i think da media make more of a hype than what it realy is especially da english.according to da stats da aussies have won da ashes 70% of the time.


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